Where Can I Bet on Sports in Delaware?

Where in Delaware Can You Bet on Sports? Delaware Park Casino is located at 777 Delaware Park Boulevard in Wilmington, Delaware 19804. The number to call is (800) 417-5687. Dover Downs is located at 1131 North DuPont Highway in Dover, Delaware, and can be reached at (800) 772-7777. Harrington Raceway and Casino is located at 18500 South Dupont Highway in Harrington, Delaware 19952. Call (302) 398-4920 for more information.

Similarly, Can you bet sports online in Delaware?

Sports betting has been allowed in Delaware for more than three years, with the first sports wager being made in June 2018, a month after PASPA was repealed. In the Diamond state, online betting is permitted.

Also, it is asked, Can I bet on DraftKings in Delaware?

The state lottery offers sports betting to the general public. In Delaware, DraftKings does not provide sports betting.

Secondly, Can I play FanDuel in Delaware?

Delaware is one of just a few states in the United States that have allowed and regulated daily fantasy sports. In 2017, Governor John Carney signed DFS rules into law. This implies that anybody over the age of 18 may participate in real-money daily fantasy sports games hosted by companies like DraftKings, FanDuel, and Yahoo.

Also, Can you use BetOnline in Delaware?

In Delaware, BetOnline is our top-rated sportsbook for 2022. You may wager on the NFL, NHL, MLB, and NBA, as well as all major college sports, on this platform. You may also bet on major sports like tennis, golf, mixed martial arts (MMA) and Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), rugby, soccer, and more.

People also ask, Is bovada legal in Delaware?

Is it legal to play at Bovada in Delaware? Bovada has voluntarily decided not to provide services to bettors in Delaware, despite the fact that there are no state or federal laws prohibiting them from doing so.

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Delaware is not known for having sports betting, but Delaware does have a mobile gambling option. The state has two casinos that offer online games and slot machines. Reference: delaware mobile gambling.

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