When Will Mobile Sports Betting Be Legal in Louisiana?

The question of when mobile sports betting will be legal in Louisiana is a difficult one to answer. There are a lot of factors that go into the decision and the state legislature has been slow to act on the issue. However, there are some positive signs that suggest mobile sports betting could be coming to Louisiana in the near future.

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Sports betting in Louisiana is currently illegal, but there have been recent efforts to change that. In 2019, the Louisiana legislature passed a bill that would have legalized sports betting, but the governor at the time, John Bel Edwards, vetoed the bill.

There has been renewed interest in legalizing sports betting in Louisiana in 2020. In March of this year, the Louisiana House of Representatives passed a bill that would legalize sports betting, and the bill is currently being considered by the Senate. If the bill is passed by the Senate and signed into law by the governor, sports betting could become legal in Louisiana as early as July 2020.

So far, it appears that there is bipartisan support for legalizing sports betting in Louisiana. If all goes well, bettors in Louisiana could be placing legal wagers on sporting events within a few months.

What is Mobile Sports Betting?

Mobile sports betting is when people bet on sporting events using their smartphones or other mobile devices. It is currently not legal in Louisiana, but there are efforts to change that. Mobile sports betting would allow people to place bets on games from anywhere in the state, and it would bring in millions of dollars in tax revenue. Proponents argue that it would also create jobs and boost the economy.

The Current Situation in Louisiana

As of right now, sports betting is not legal in Louisiana. This is because the state has yet to pass any legislation that would allow for it. However, this could change in the future. The reason why it has not been legalized yet is because there is some opposition to it. Some people feel that it would be detrimental to the state, while others believe that it would be a positive thing. It is currently being debated in the state legislature.

The Future of Mobile Sports Betting in Louisiana

The future of mobile sports betting in Louisiana is unclear at this time. There is currently no legislation pending that would allow for this type of gambling, and it is not clear if there is any interest from lawmakers in pursuing this issue. If mobile sports betting does become legal in Louisiana, it will likely be many years down the road.

The Pros of Mobile Sports Betting

Mobile sports betting will bring many benefits to Louisiana. Here are some of the pros:

-Convenience: Bettors will be able to place bets from anywhere in the state, whether they’re at home, at work, or out and about.
-Increased tax revenue: Mobile betting will generate more tax revenue for the state, which can be used for education, infrastructure, or other needs.
-Boost to the economy: Mobile betting will create jobs and generate economic activity.
-Competition with other states:Legalizing mobile sports betting will put Louisiana on a level playing field with other states that have already legalized it.

These are just some of the positives that mobile sports betting will bring to Louisiana. We hope that the state legislature will act soon to legalize it.

The Cons of Mobile Sports Betting

There are a few potential drawbacks to mobile sports betting that should be considered before it is legalized in Louisiana. One is that it could be more difficult to monitor and regulate than traditional sports betting. This could lead to more opportunities for illegal activity, such as match fixing.

Another concern is that mobile betting could make it more difficult for problem gamblers to control their impulses. With access to gambling just a few clicks away, it could be harder for people with gambling addiction problems to stay away from betting.

Finally, there is the potential for cheating. In traditional sports betting, there are procedures in place to prevent things like insider trading. But with mobile betting, it might be easier for people with inside information about a team or player to place bets that give them an unfair advantage.

All of these concerns should be taken into consideration before mobile sports betting is legalized in Louisiana.

The Bottom Line

Will you be able to place a friendly wager on your favorite team using your mobile device anytime soon? The answer, unfortunately, is a big maybe. Louisiana lawmakers have been slow to act on the legalization of sports betting, and there’s no telling when they will finally get around to it.

The good news is that there is currently a bill working its way through the legislature that would allow sports betting in the state. However, the bill has been stuck in committee for months and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere fast.

So, if you’re hoping to place a bet on your mobile device in Louisiana, you might have to wait a while longer. In the meantime, you can always visit one of the many land-based casinos in the state and place your bets there.


Q: When will mobile sports betting be legal in Louisiana?
A: The Louisiana Legislature passed a bill in early 2020 that would allow for the legal wagering on sports through mobile devices and apps, but the bill has not yet been signed into law by Governor John Bel Edwards. If the bill is signed, mobile sports betting could go live as early as July 2020.

Q: Where will I be able to bet on sports?
A: The bill would allow for bets to be placed at any of the state’s 15 casinos, four race tracks, and through state-licensed mobile apps.

Q: What types of bets will be allowed?
A: All types of bets that are currently allowed in Louisiana, including straight bets, parlays, teasers, pleasers, if-bets, reverses, futures, and props, will be able to be placed through mobile devices.

Q: Who will be able to bet on sports?
A: Any person 21 years of age or older who is physically located within the state of Louisiana will be able to place a bet on sports through a mobile device.

Q: How will I know if the person placing the bet is actually located in Louisiana?
A: All licensed gambling operators will use geofencing technology to ensure that only those physically located within state borders are able to access their betting platforms.

Q: How will I know if I’m betting with a licensed and regulated operator?
A: All licensed gambling operators will display their licensing information prominently on their websites and mobile apps.

Q: What happens if I place a bet with an unlicensed operator?
A: You may be subject to civil or criminal penalties if you knowingly place a bet with an unlicensed operator. In addition, your winnings may not be paid out and you could lose your entire deposit.


The following is a glossary of commonly used terms related to sports betting:

-Arbitrage Betting: This is a type of betting that seeks to profit from differences in odds between different bookmakers.
-Bookmaker: A person or company who accepts and pays out bets.
-Chalk: The favorite in a given sporting event.
-Fade: To bet against the favorite in a given sporting event.
-Gambler: A person who risks money on the outcome of a bet.
-Handicapper: A person who provides information to help others make informed bets.
– Juice: The commission a bookmaker charges on bets, also known as the vigorish.
-Liability: The amount of money a bookmaker stands to lose on a given bet.
-Lock: A sure thing, or a bet that is considered all but guaranteed to win.
-Odds: The probability of an event occurring, often expressed as numerical odds.
-Parlay: A type of bet that combines two or more individual bets into one single bet in which all the constituent bets must win for the parlay to be successful.
-Pick ‘em: A type of bet in which there is no favorite or underdog, and the bettor simply picks which team will win outright.


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