University of Texas Med School Offers Sport Management Degree

The University of Texas at Austin School of Medicine will now offer a Master of Science in Sport Management degree.

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The University of Texas at Austin’s Dell Medical School will offer a sport management degree starting in the fall of 2019. This degree will prepare students for careers in the sports industry, with a focus on health and wellness. The program will focus on the business and operational side of the sports industry, and will include coursework in marketing, event management, and facility management.

What is Sport Management?

Sport management is the study and practices related to administering organized sports. It includes business and financial planning, event management, marketing, athlete recruitment and development, facility management, risk management and law. A degree in sport management can lead to a career in sports administration, event management, coaching or marketing.

What are the benefits of a Sport Management degree?

There are many benefits to pursuing a Sport Management degree. This type of degree can help you learn the skills necessary to work in a variety of positions in the sports industry. A Sport Management degree can also help you learn how to manage a team or sporting event, as well as how to market and promote a sports team or product.

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