Texas-Western College Students Can Now Get Sports Scholarships

Texas-Western College students can now receive sports scholarships through the new Athletic Scholarship Program. This program offers scholarships to students who demonstrate excellence in athletics, academics, and leadership.

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Texas-Western College is now offering sports scholarships to students who wish to pursue a career in athletics. This is a great opportunity for students who are looking to pursue a degree in a specific sport, or who simply want to receive financial aid for their athletic talents. Scholarships will be awarded based on athletic ability, academic achievement, and financial need.

Eligibility Requirements

Students who wish to apply for sports scholarships at Texas-Western College must meet the following eligibility requirements:


In order to receive a sports scholarship from Texas-Western College, you must have a GPA of at least 2.0.

Athletic Ability

In order to be eligible for a sports scholarship, you must be able to demonstrate your athletic ability. This means that you will need to have participated in sports at some level, whether it be through high school or another organization. You will need to provide proof of your participation, as well as any awards or recognition that you have received. In addition, you will need to have a passing grade in all of your college-level physical education classes.

Financial Need

In order to ensure that Texas-Western College students have access to the same opportunities as other college students, the school has begun offering sports scholarships. These scholarships will be available to students who demonstrate financial need, as well as academic excellence.

To be eligible for a scholarship, students must first meet all of the general admission requirements for Texas-Western College. They must then submit an application, along with their transcripts and standardized test scores. Once their application has been reviewed, they will be notified of their eligibility.

Students who are interested in receiving a sports scholarship should contact the financial aid office at Texas-Western College. They will need to provide documentation of their financial need, as well as their academic transcripts. Once they have been approved for a scholarship, they will be able to participate in any of the school’s sports programs.

How to Apply

Texas-Western College students who want to apply for a sports scholarship can now do so through the new online portal. The portal will allow students to fill out an application and submit it electronically. The deadline to apply is February 1st.


Apply online at www.scholarshipsonline.com/twc

You will need to create an account and fill out the student information section. In the “College and Career” tab, select “Sports” as your activity. You will then be able to see a list of all the sports scholarships for which you may be eligible. Click on the one you are interested in and follow the instructions to apply.

In Person

You can apply for admission to TWC at any time throughout the year. To apply, simply visit our admissions office and fill out an application form. Our admissions counselors will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have about the admissions process or TWC in general.

Once you have been admitted to TWC, you will need to complete a few additional steps before you can begin attending classes. For more information on what you need to do after being admitted, please visit our New Students page.


Texas-Western College students who participate in sports will now be able to receive scholarships, the school announced Tuesday.

The scholarships will be available to students who are members of the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s Division I or II, and will cover up to 100 percent of the cost of tuition and fees.

Students must maintain a 2.5 GPA and meet other requirements in order to retain their scholarships.

The deadline to apply for the scholarships is March 1, 2020.

Contact Information

The Texas-Western College Athletic Department has announced that it will now be offering sports scholarships to eligible students. Scholarships will be awarded on a competitive basis to students who demonstrate financial need and academic excellence.

Interested students should contact the Texas-Western College Athletic Department for more information. The department can be reached by phone at (713) 743-1300, by email at [email protected], or in person at the TWC Campus Center, Room 204.

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