How Much Money Does Texas University Spend on Sports?

How much money does Texas University spend on sports?
We take a look at their sports budget and how it affects the university.

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Texas University is a Division I school and competes in the NCAA’s Big 12 Conference. According to USA Today, the school spent $176 million on its athletic programs in 2017. The same report indicates that the school generated $173 million in revenue from its sports programs that year. The university’s football program accounted for the majority of both expenses and revenue, at $103 million and $104 million respectively.

Texas University’s Athletic Department Revenue

In 2018, the Texas University athletic department reported $212 million in revenue, which was a school record. The department also reported $87 million in expenses, which was the second-highest total in school history. The athletic department generated $125 million in surplus revenue for the 2018 fiscal year.

Texas University’s Athletic Department Expenses

In 2018, the Texas University’s athletic department brought in a total revenue of $206.9 million. Of that, $87.5 million came from ticket sales, $106.2 million came from TV and radio rights and other media contracts, and $13.2 million came from NCAA tournament participation. The department spent $166.9 million that year, with the bulk of that — $87.7 million — going to salaries, benefits and bonuses for coaches and other staffers. Other expenses include:

-Recruiting: $19.2 million
-Team travel: $13.7 million
-Equipment, uniforms and supplies: $9.4 million
– Game expenses (officials, security, etc.): $8.1 million
– Facilities maintenance and rental: $6.1 million
– fundraising: $5.5 million

How Much Money Does Texas University Spend on Sports?

Texas University spends a lot of money on sports. In fact, the school’s athletic department is one of the most well-funded in the country. In the 2018-2019 academic year, the school spent $174 million on its athletics program. This number does not even include the school’s stadiums and other athletic facilities, which are worth an additional $400 million.

The school’s football team is by far the most expensive to maintain, with a budget of $103 million. The men’s basketball team is a close second, with a budget of $22 million. The school also has very successful programs in baseball, track and field, and golf. These programs are more affordable to maintain, but still cost the school millions of dollars each year.

Texas University is not alone in spending large sums of money on athletics. Other schools, such as Ohio State University and the University of Michigan, also have well-funded athletic departments. However, Texas University’s spending is among the highest in the nation.


In conclusion, Texas University spends a lot of money on sports. However, it is not clear if this is an efficient use of resources. The school could potentially cut back on spending and still have a successful sports program.

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