Texas Tech Sports Memes You Need to See

Texas Tech fans are some of the most passionate in the country, and that extends to their love of memes. Check out some of the best Texas Tech sports memes out there!

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Welcome to the world of Texas Tech Sports Memes!

If you’re a fan of the Red Raiders, then you know that there’s nothing quite like a good Texas Tech sports meme.

Whether it’s poking fun at an opponent or celebrating a big win, these memes always seem to hit the mark.

So without further ado, here are some of the best Texas Tech sports memes you need to see.

Best of Texas Tech Football Memes

Texas Tech Football is one of the most meme-able teams in college football. From “guns up” to “Wreck em Tech”, there is no shortage of hilarious memes about the Red Raiders. Here are some of the best Texas Tech Football memes we could find!

“Guns Up!”

The most popular Texas Tech meme is undoubtedly “Guns Up!”. This meme features a picture of a Red Raider fan with their arms in the air making the gun hand gesture. The text usually says something like “Guns up for Texas Tech football!” or “Get your guns up for the Red Raiders!”.

“Wreck Em Tech!”

Another popular Texas Tech meme is “Wreck Em Tech!”. This one features a picture of a Red Raider player or coach with the text “Wreck Em Tech!” superimposed over it. The text usually has additional wording like “Go Red Raiders!” or “Beat whoever we’re playing!”.

“Texas Tech fans be like…”

This meme is variations of the popular “___ fans be like…” memes that are popular on social media. These memes feature a picture of a Texas Tech fan with the text “Texas Tech fans be like…” followed by a funny caption. Some of our favorites include “Texas Tech fans be like ‘We’re going to beat OU this year!'” and “Texas Tech fans be like ‘Our new quarterback is better than Mahomes!'”

Best of Texas Tech Basketball Memes

Texas Tech Basketball has been having a great season so far and their fans are loving it! One of the best things about the team’s success is all of the hilarious memes that have been created about them. Here are some of the best Texas Tech basketball memes you need to see!

Best of Texas Tech Baseball Memes

Spring has sprung, and that means it’s time for baseball! Texas Tech Baseball is coming off a fresh start to the season and they’re looking better than ever. As we gear up for another great year of baseball, let’s take a look at some of the best Texas Tech Baseball memes out there.

1. The “We’re Not Gonna Lose” Meme

This meme first surfaced during Texas Tech’s 2018 run to the College World Series. It features then-head coach Tim Tadlock with a determined look on his face, and it perfectly encapsulates the never-give-up attitude of the Red Raiders.

2. The “This is Our House” Meme

Texas Tech fans are known for their passionate support of their teams, and this meme perfectly sums up that passion. It features former Red Raider football player Danny Amendola with the caption “This is our house,” and it’s become a rallying cry for Texas Tech fans everywhere.

3. The “Texas Tech Football is Back” Meme

This meme was created after Texas Tech’s stunning comeback victory over Baylor in 2019. It features a picture of head coach Matt Wells with the caption “Texas Tech Football is back.” This meme perfectly captures the excitement and optimism of Red Raider fans after the win.

4. The “Don’t Mess With Texas Tech” Meme

This meme was created after Texas Tech’s huge win over then-No. 3 Oklahoma in 2019. It features head coach Chris Beard with the caption “Don’t mess with Texas Tech.” This meme is perfect for any fan who wants to show their love for the Red Raiders and their fearlessness against any opponent.


In conclusion, these Texas Tech Sports Memes You Need to See are some of the most popular and influential memes of all time. They have been shared and liked by millions of people all over the world, and they continue to be shared today. If you are a fan of Texas Tech Sports, or if you just enjoy good sports memes, then you need to check out these Texas Tech Sports Memes You Need to See.

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