Texas Tech Sport Event Calendar

The Texas Tech Sport Event Calendar is a great way to keep up with all the sporting events happening on campus. From football to basketball, there’s something for everyone!

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Texas Tech University is home to many Division I athletic programs and exciting sporting events. From football to basketball, there is always something going on at Texas Tech. Check out the calendar below for a list of upcoming sporting events.

Upcoming Events

Texas Tech Sport Event Calendar – Check out the upcoming events for all your favorite Texas Tech teams!

Event Results

Below are the most recent results for each sport:

Sport: Football
-Loss: 42-17 to Ohio State
-Next game: vs. TCU on October 10th

Sport: Men’s Basketball
-Win: 72-71 over Memphis
-Next game: vs. Gonzaga on November 19th

How to Get Involved

Texas Tech offers a wide variety of sports for students to get involved in. There are many ways to get involved with sports on campus. Some students may want to try out for a sport, while others may want to join a club sport or intramural team. There are also many ways to support Texas Tech athletics as a fan.

To try out for a Texas Tech sport, students must first meet the NCAA eligibility requirements. These requirements vary by sport and can be found on the NCAA website. Once students have met the eligibility requirements, they can contact the head coach of the team they wish to try out for to get more information about the tryout process.

Club sports are student-run organizations that compete against other clubs at colleges and universities across the country. To join a club sport at Texas Tech, students must first become members of the Recreational Sports Center. Membership is open to all Texas Tech students and includes access to all of the recreational facilities on campus, as well as discounts on intramural team registration fees. More information about joining club sports can be found on the Recreational Sports website.

Intramural teams are organized through the Recreational Sports Center and compete against other teams within the university. Students do not have to be members of the Recreational Sports Center to participate in intramurals, but membership does offer some benefits, such as access to facilities and discounts on team registration fees. More information about intramurals can be found on the Recreational Sports website.

Fans can support Texas Tech athletics by attending sporting events or by watching games online or on television. For more information about upcoming sporting events, visit the Texas Tech Athletics website.

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