Texas State Sport Clubs Gets a New Logo

The Texas State Sport Clubs program has a new look! Check out the new logo and find out more about the rebranding process.

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Texas State Sport Clubs

The Texas State Sport Clubs program is excited to unveil its new primary logo, which was created in partnership with Ranger International, Inc. The new logo is a modernized version of the previous logo and reflects the growth and expansion of the program since its inception in 1996. The Texas State Sport Clubs program is committed to providing students with opportunities to enhance their educational experience through participation in sport clubs. The program offers a wide variety of sport clubs that cater to different interests and skill levels.

The new logo for the Texas State Sport Clubs features a more modern look while still representing the Longhorn state that the club is located in. The new Longhorn head is inspired by thestate flag and sits atop a shield. The bottom of the shield has “TEXAS” written in all caps, while the top has “STATE” in a more modern font. The overall look is updated but still very much inspired by traditional Texas imagery.

What the new logo means for the club

The new logo for Texas State Sport Clubs is a modern take on the classic club logo. The new logo features a clean, simple design that is easy to read and recognize. The new logo represents the club’s commitment to providing a quality experience for its members. The new logo will be used on all club communications, including the website, newsletters, and social media.

How the new logo was created

The new Texas State Sport Clubs logo was created by a team of designers who worked together to come up with a unique and modern design. The new logo features a stylized T and S, which are the initials of the club. The new logo is meant to represent the club’s dedication to its athletes and its commitment to excellence.

After an extensive process that included input from students, campus partners, and advertising and design professionals, Texas State Sport Clubs is excited to unveil its new logo.

The project began with a survey of students to get their input on what they would like to see in a new logo. The survey results showed that students wanted a logo that was modern and clean, yet still reflected the tradition of Texas State.

Based on the survey results, a committee of staff members narrowed down the designs to three final options. These options were then presented to the entire Sport Clubs membership for a vote.

The winning design was created by an external design firm and reflects the feedback received from the student body. The new logo is cleaner and more modern than the previous logo, while still retaining the traditional elements that are important to Texas State students.

When Texas State Sport Clubs needed a new logo, they turned to the Department of Art and Design for help. Three talented seniors in the Graphic Design program took on the challenge: Justin Escamilla, Kelsey Hale and Jacob Zampier.

Escamilla, Hale and Zampier worked with Sport Clubs staff over several months to create a logo that would capture the essence of the organization while also appealing to their target audience. The process began with research into other collegiate sport club logos as well as professional and amateur sports logos. This was followed by development of initial concepts, which were then refined based on feedback from Sport Clubs staff.

After several rounds of revisions, the final logo was chosen and is now being used on all of Sport Clubs’ promotional materials. Escamilla, Hale and Zampier did an outstanding job on this project, and we are very grateful for their time and effort.

What the new logo represents

The new Texas State Sport Clubs logo was created with the help of a professional graphic design company. The new logo is a complete departure from the old one and is meant to represent the club’s growth and progress. The new logo is modern and sleek, with a focus on the letter T. The old logo was very busy and did not represent the club well. The new logo is clean and will be easy to use on all marketing materials.

The Texas State Sport Clubs program has a new look, and it’s all thanks to the creative minds of our very own students. After an extensive design process that included multiple rounds of voting, the end result is a logo that perfectly represents what our program is all about.

The new logo is a modern take on the traditional sports club crest. It features a shield with a star in the center, representing the Lone Star State, and six arrows pointing outwards to symbolize the six core values of our program: teamwork, leadership, sportsmanship, character, community, and inclusivity. The colors – green and gold – are representative of our school spirit and pride.

We are so proud of our new logo and what it represents. It is a true reflection of our program and everything we stand for. Thank you to everyone who participated in the design process and helped make this happen!

The new Texas State Sport Clubs logo was inspired by the university’s seal and incorporates the shape of the state of Texas. The star in the center of the logo represents San Marcos, the home of Texas State University. The word “Sport” is written in a stylized font that is meant to represent movement and energy, while the word “Clubs” is written in a more traditional font to represent the tradition and history of the organizations. The color scheme of the logo was inspired by the colors of the Texas flag, and the green represents the growth and development of the sport clubs program.

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