Texas Sport Announcer on Transgender Wrestler: ‘She’s a Girl and

A transgender girl wrestler in Texas has sparked a heated debate after a sportscaster said she should not be allowed to compete against other girls because “she’s a girl and”

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In 2017, a transgender female wrestler in Texas made headlines when she qualified to compete in the girls’ state tournament. The athlete, who was born male but identify as female, had been transition for nearly two years and was taking hormones as part of her treatment.

The girl’s state tournament is a prestigious event in Texas high school wrestling, and the transgender wrestler’s participation sparked controversy. Some parents and coaches argued that she should not be allowed to compete against girls because she still had male anatomy.

In the end, the transgender wrestler competed in the tournament and placed second in her weight class. After the event, a sportscaster for a local television station caused more controversy when he said on-air that the transgender wrestler “is a girl and will always be a girl.”

The sportscaster’s comments generated a lot of reaction, both positive and negative. Some people praised him for speaking his opinion, while others criticized him for being insensitive. The story garnered national attention and shone a spotlight on the ongoing debate about transgender rights.

The Announcer’s Comments

“She’s a girl and a girl wrestling another girl is not something we support,” said Rich Purser, the executive director of the University Interscholastic League, which governs high school athletics in Texas.

Purser was referring to a transgender wrestler, Mack Beggs, who is currently competing in the state tournament. Beggs, who was born male but identifies as female, is undefeated this season.

Some parents and wrestlers have argued that Beggs should not be allowed to compete against girls because she has an advantage due to her testosterone levels. Beggs has said that she would prefer to compete against boys but is following the rules set by the UIL.

The announcer’s comments have sparked outrage among many people who feel that they are transphobic and discriminatory. The UIL has said that they are investigating the matter.

The Outrage

There is currently an uproar after a Texas sport announcer made comments concerning a transgender wrestler. The transgender wrestler, Mack Beggs, is a male who has been taking testosterone as part of his transition process. Beggs is currently undefeated in the girls’ 110-pound division and many are saying that he has an unfair advantage because of the testosterone treatments. The sport announcer, Mike Moore, said during Beggs’ match, “She’s a girl and should be wrestling girls. It just isn’t right.”

Texas is one of several states that require transgender athletes to compete according to the gender listed on their birth certificate. This means that Beggs was required to compete in the girls’ division, even though he is now transitioning to become a male. Many parents and athletes have spoken out against this rule, saying that it puts transgender athletes at a disadvantage and puts them in danger of harassment and abuse from their opponents.

What do you think? Should transgender athletes be required to compete according to their birth gender? Or should they be allowed to compete according to their current gender identity?

The School’s Response

The school’s response was swift and decisive. The superintendent released a statement saying that the district “does not and shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex or national origin.” The statement went on to say that “transgender students are welcome in our schools and will be treated with respect.”

The Announcer’s Apology

I’m sorry for what I said during the match. It was wrong and I know better. There’s no excuse for it.

The Fallout

After a Texas sportscaster made derogatory comments about a transgender wrestler on air, he has been fired from his job and is facing intense backlash.

In a now-deleted tweet, sportscaster Randy Galloway said that transgender wrestler Mack Beggs, who is transitioning from female to male, “isn’t a girl” and should be wrestling boys. He went on to say that Beggs winning the girls’ state wrestling championship was “embarrassing” and that the rules needed to be changed.

Galloway’s employer, 105.3 The Fan, announced on Twitter that he had been fired for his “hurtful and offensive” comments.

The transgender wrestler at the center of this controversy, Mack Beggs, has said that he just wants to wrestle and isn’t interested in being a politicalstatement. But many people are using his story to highlight the discriminatory policies that transgender people face in sport.

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