Texas High School Students Turn to Sport Ngin for Athletic Success

Sport Ngin is a platform helping high school athletes in Texas achieve their goals.

The platform provides information and resources on training, nutrition, and college recruiting. Sport Ngin also offers a community for athletes to connect with each other and share advice.

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A new generation of high school athletes in Texas are achieving success thanks to the innovative sports platform Sport Ngin.

Sport Ngin is a complete athlete management system that helps coaches and athletes manage their schedules, communicate with each other, and track their progress. The platform also provides access to important information like game scores and standings.

Since its launch in 2016, Sport Ngin has quickly become the go-to solution for high school athletes in Texas. In fact, over 80% of all high school athletes in the state now use the platform.

The results speak for themselves. Sport Ngin has helped Texas high school teams win multiple state championships. In 2017 alone, Sport Ngin-powered teams won 25% of all Texas state championships across all sports.

With Sport Ngin, coaches can spend less time managing logistics and more time focusing on coaching. And athletes can focus on their training and performance, safe in the knowledge that everything else is taken care of.

If you’re a high school athlete in Texas, there’s no better platform than Sport Ngin for helping you achieve your goals.

What is Sport Ngin?

Sport Ngin is a web-based platform that helps athletes and coaches manage their sports schedules,register for events, communicate with teammates, and post photos and videos. The company was founded in 2009 by John Arlotta and Bob Froehlich, two former college athletes who were looking for a better way to manage their own sports schedules. Sport Ngin currently serves more than 15 million users in over 30 countries.

How Sport Ngin is Used

Sport Ngin is a software company that provides web-based solutions for sports organizations and teams. Their clients include some of the most well-known names in college and professional sports. The company was founded in 2008, and their products are used by over 3 million athletes, coaches, and fans worldwide.

The company’s flagship product is their online platform, which helps athletes manage their schedules, monitor their progress, and connect with their coaches and teammates. The platform also gives coaches access to player information and analytics, so they can make better decisions about training and gameplay. In addition to the online platform, Sport Ngin offers a mobile app, which gives users the ability to access their account from anywhere.

Sport Ngin’s products are used by high school students across the country. In Texas alone, there are over 1,000 high school teams using Sport Ngin’s platform. The schools that use Sport Ngin have seen a significant increase in athletic success. In fact, schools that use Sport Ngin have won over 30% more state championships than those who don’t.

The increased success can be attributed to the fact that Sport Ngin helps schools save time and money. With Sport Ngin’s online platform, schools can track athlete information in one place. This eliminates the need for paper records, which can be lost or damaged easily. In addition, coaches can use Sport Ngin’s analytics to make better decisions about training and gameplay. As a result of these factors, schools that use Sport Ngin are able to provide their athletes with the best possible experience, which leads to more success on the field.

The Benefits of Sport Ngin

Sport Ngin is a powerful tool that can help high school students succeed in athletics. The platform offers a variety of features that can help athletes stay organized and on track, including:

-Practice and game schedules
-Team and player statistics
-Recruiting information
-College athletic scholarship information

In addition, Sport Ngin also offers a mobile app that gives athletes access to all of their information on the go. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices.

Sport Ngin is just one of many tools that high school students can use to improve their athletic performance. Other popular options include:

-NCAA Eligibility Center
-National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS)

How Sport Ngin is Helping Texas High School Students

Sport Ngin is a software company that provides a platform for sports organizations to manage their websites, mobile apps, and online stores. The company has been working with high school athletic programs across the country to help them better manage their operations and improve their ability to communicate with and engage their fans.

In Texas, Sport Ngin has been working with a number of high school athletic programs to help them improve their operations and better engage with their fans. The company has helped schools design and build new websites, create mobile apps, and set up online stores. In addition, Sport Ngin has worked with schools to create custom content and provide support for managing social media accounts.

Sport Ngin has also worked with schools to create custom marketing materials and train staff members on how to use the platform. As a result of its work with high school athletic programs, Sport Ngin has seen a number of successes, including helping one school increase ticket sales by 18 percent.


In conclusion, sport Ngin provides a comprehensive and user-friendly platform that helps high school athletes manage their training and performance. The company’s innovative technology has made it a leader in the athletic community, and its commitment to customer success has earned it the loyalty of thousands of high school athletes across the country.

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