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College Football: Spring camp recap

Well, spring camp is over and football went back into hibernation.

Last Saturday marked the final scrimmage — and practice — of spring camp for Texas State. As always, the final scrimmage is the annual Maroon and Gold Spring Game.

Just in case you didn’t get enough to read about the spring game (won by Maroon 28-14) from my 800-word story on our website, here are a few more words with my thoughts on what transpired. I’ll also try to recap spring camp as well.

Let’s get to it.

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College Football: 2013 Spring Game Preview

Here is the site of the Maroon and Gold Spring Game.

Here is the site of the Maroon and Gold Spring Game.

Ready or not, competitive football is back — at least for a day.

Tonight marks the first time Texas State will face game-like pressure in 2013, as the team holds its annual Maroon and Gold Spring Game. Kickoff is set for 6 p.m. inside Bobcat Stadium.

Rosters remained nearly the same since Wednesday’s player draft, with the exception of minor trade that made things a bit more balanced. Gold dealt soon-to-be junior running back Terrence Franks to Maroon for redshirt freshman defensive lineman Dallas McClarty. Prior to the deal, Gold had three of the best running backs and Maroon only had redshirt sophomore Chris Nutall, who was the second-overall pick in the draft. Here are the new rosters: Maroon and Gold Spring Game – Final Rosters.

What’s it going to take for Gold to win? How about Maroon? Are you curious about my prediction? Read on.

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College Football: Draft analysis

Which team won the Maroon and Gold Spring Game Draft?

Let’s break it down position by position (for the most part). Here is the roster for your own judgment: Spring Game Rosters.

QBs: Maroon

Despite DeLancellotti and Moore not combining to have the same arm as Arndt, they run the offense much better than the soon-to-be senior from Cuero.

RBs: Gold

Not even close. Look for a Maroon offensive lineman to be traded for a Gold running back (probably Terrence Franks) before Saturday.

WRs: Maroon

At the top, it cancels out. Then you look at depth. Gilmore being on Maroon locks it up.

TEs: Gold

I’ve seen more this spring out of Lewis and Petersen than Miller and Goodwin.

OL: Gold

Even though Gold has fewer linemen than its Maroon counterparts, it has three members of the starting offensive line on its roster. You can’t get much better at tackle than Baker and Bellard.

DL: Gold

In addition to Norfleet, Gold nabbed three guys who had tremendous spring camps (McColloch, Odiari and Taulelei).

LBs: Maroon

Once the reserves cancel out, you’re left with Jeter-Gilmon and Orakpo versus McMiller and Robinson. McMiller and Orakpo are a push, but Jeter-Gilmon is better than Robinson.

DBs: Gold

Name the Bobcats’ starting cornerbacks. Gold has them both (Daniels and Mager), as well as two of the best safeties on the roster in Alexee and Iwuji.

ST: Push

Johnson’s leg dwarfs Dann’s power. Figenshaw can’t match Robinson.

Overall: Gold

Expect a few trades between now and Saturday to make things more even.

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College Football: Spring game rosters drafted

Teams for the 2013 Maroon and Gold Spring Game were picked this afternoon, as Texas State held its annual player draft.

Selecting members of the Gold team were: Devin Baker, Andy Erickson, Justin Iwuji, Jordan Norfleet. The Maroon roster was picked by Isaiah Battle, Michael Orakpo, Charlie Will Tuttle and D.J. Yendrey.

Since the Maroon team won the coin toss to select their jersey colors, the Gold team got the first pick and immediately grabbed defensive lineman Blake McColloch. Maroon went second and nabbed running back Chris Nutall, much to the surprise of head coach Dennis Franchione.

Here are the rest of the rosters, which could change between now and Saturday’s final scrimmage. Each coaching staff is selected by Franchione.

Spring Game Rosters

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