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At South Texas Sport Medicine, our physical therapists provide the highest quality of care. We offer a variety of services to help you reach your goals.

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What is South Texas Sport Medicine?

South Texas Sport Medicine is a physical therapy clinic that specializes in the rehabilitation of sports-related injuries. The clinic offers a variety of services, such as athletic training, physical therapy, and orthopedic surgery. South Texas Sport Medicine is dedicated to providing high-quality care to its patients and strives to get them back to their prior level of function.

What are the goals of South Texas Sport Medicine?

The goal of South Texas Sport Medicine is to provide comprehensive care for the athlete. We strive to provide the highest level of care possible in a confidential, convenient, and cost-effective manner. We are committed to Return-To-Play (RTP). Our focus is on getting the athlete back to their sport as quickly and safely as possible.

We work with a wide variety of athletes, from the professional to the weekend warrior. We treat all types of injuries, including:

-Sprains and Strains
-Achilles Tendonitis
-Patellar Tendonitis
-Groin Pulls
-Hamstring Pulls
-Shin Splints
-Ankle Sprains
-Knee Injuries
-Shoulder Injuries
-Elbow Injuries
-Wrist & Hand Injuries

What are the benefits of South Texas Sport Medicine?

South Texas Sport Medicine is a unique form of physical therapy that combines the latest advances in sports medicine with traditional physical therapy techniques. The result is a complete system of care that can help you recover from an injury, prevent further injuries, and improve your overall performance.

There are many benefits to receiving South Texas Sport Medicine, including:

-Improved recovery from injuries
-Prevention of future injuries
-Increased performance
-Reduced pain and inflammation
-Improved range of motion
-Improved flexibility and joint function

What is Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy is a branch of medicine that deals with the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of patients with physical impairments or disabilities. It aims to improve the patient’s quality of life and maximize their functional potential.

What are the goals of Physical Therapy?

The goals of physical therapy are to restore function, improve mobility, relieve pain, and prevent or limit permanent physical disabilities of patients. Physical therapy is provided by physical therapists (PTs), who are health care professionals who evaluate and treat people with health problems resulting from injury or disease.

What are the benefits of Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy has many benefits for patients suffering from a variety of injuries and conditions. PT can help to reduce pain, improve range of motion, increase strength and endurance, and improve mobility. PT can also help to prevent further injury by teaching patients proper body mechanics and improving their overall fitness level.

How can Physical Therapy help with South Texas Sport Medicine?

Physical therapy is often used in combination with other forms of treatment, such as South Texas Sport Medicine. It can help to improve range of motion, reduce pain, and improve function.

How can Physical Therapy help with the goals of South Texas Sport Medicine?

Physical therapy can help patients of all ages and levels of activity. The staff at South Texas Sport Medicine is experienced in working with athletes of all levels, from weekend warriors to professional athletes. We understand the importance of getting you back to your sport as quickly and safely as possible.

The first step in your treatment will be a comprehensive evaluation by one of our licensed physical therapists. This evaluation will include a thorough history and physical examination. Based on these findings, the therapist will develop a treatment plan specifically tailored to your needs.

Your treatment may include a combination of the following:

-Therapeutic exercises to improve flexibility, strength, and endurance
-Joint and soft tissue mobilization to reduce pain and improve range of motion
-dry needling or other forms of trigger point release
-Cupping or other forms of myofascial release
-Gait analysis and instruction in proper footwear
-Balance training
-Ergonomic education
-Sport specific training

How can Physical Therapy help with the benefits of South Texas Sport Medicine?

Physical Therapy can help prevent or manage sport-related injuries. The therapist works with the athlete to develop an individualized rehabilitation program. The program may include exercises to improve flexibility, balance, and strength as well as education on proper technique, safeguard against re-injury, and injury prevention.

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