Texas A&M Sport Management Program Requires Coursework

The Texas A&M Sport Management Program requires coursework in a number of different areas in order to prepare students for careers in the field.

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The Texas A&M Sport Management Program requires that all students complete a minimum of 12 credit hours in sport management coursework. The specific courses required can be found in the program of study section of the Undergraduate Catalog. All students must complete SMGT 402 – Seminar in Sport Management and two other sport management courses numbered 300 or above. In addition, all students must complete a minimum of 9 credit hours in business coursework as specified by the Department of Recreation, Park and Tourism Sciences.

History of the Program

In order to be eligible to apply for the bachelor’s degree in Sport Management, students must complete at least 60 hours of coursework, including the following courses:

• SMGT 200 – Sport in Contemporary Society
This course provides an overview of the role of sport in society with a focus on how sport reflects and shapes culture. Major topics include how socio-cultural values are embedded in sport, how issues of class, gender, race and ethnicity influence participation and experiences in sport, as well as how the business of sport affects participants and fans.

• SMGT 206 – Organizational Behavior in Sport
An examination of theories and models related to individual and group behavior within sport organizations. The impact of motivation, leadership, communication, power and conflict on organizational functioning will be explored. Case studies will be used to illustrate real-world applications.

Program Requirements

A few required courses for the Sport Management Program at Texas A&M are SMGT 633, 639, 673, and 679. Along with these required courses, students must complete 12 hours of electives to earn their degree.


To be eligible for the Sport Management program at Texas A&M, students must complete at least 60 credit hours of coursework, including the following:

-SPMT201 – Introduction to Sport Management
-SPMT203 – Managing in Sport Organizations
-SPMT301 – Leadership in Sport Organizations
-SPMT303 – Legal Aspects of Sport
-SPMT310 – Governance of Intercollegiate Athletics
-SPMT311 – Fiscal Management of Sport Organizations
-SPMT312 – Marketing in Sport Organizations
-SPMT313 – Event and Facility Management in Sport
-SPMT401 – Senior Seminar in Sport Management


In order to be eligible for the program, all applicants must have at least a 2.75 GPA in all undergraduate coursework.

Career Opportunities

The Sport Management program at Texas A&M provides students with the necessary skills and knowledge to pursue a variety of career opportunities in the sport industry. The program is designed to give students a foundation in business and sports, while also providing them with the opportunity to specialize in areas such as event management, facility management, marketing, and public relations. Students in the program are also required to complete an internship in order to gain real-world experience.


The bottom line is that the TAMU sport management program requires coursework in order to be eligible for admittance into the program. There are a variety of ways to complete this coursework, but ultimately it is up to the student to ensure that all requirements are met.

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