Lot Numbers at Sport-n-Rest in Henderson County, Texas

If you’re looking for a great place to play sports and relax in Henderson County, Texas, you’ll want to check out Sport-n-Rest. We have a wide variety of sports and recreation facilities, and our staff is always on hand to help you make the most of your visit. Plus, we have a great selection of food and drink options to keep you fueled up for your next game.

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Lot numbers at Sport-n-Rest are 5 digits long and correspond to the order in which the lots were created. The first two digits correspond to the year of creation, the third and fourth digits correspond to the month of creation, and the fifth digit corresponds to the day of creation. For example, if a lot number is 1234, it would mean that the lot was created on December 34th (the year is not given so we don’t know what year it is).

History of Sport-n-Rest

The Sport-n-Rest coffee shop in Henderson County, Texas has been open since 2012. The shop is located in an old building that was originally a gas station in the 1950s. The owners of the shop, Lisa and Bill, restored the building and added an outdoor seating area. The coffee shop has a drive-thru window and offers a variety of coffee drinks and pastries.

The Sport-n-Rest coffee shop gets its coffee from a local roaster in Austin, Texas. The beans are roasted to order and shipped to the shop weekly. The beans are roasted in small batches and each batch is given a lot number. The lot numbers are stamped on the bags of coffee beans and also on the receipt given to the customer when they purchase their coffee.

The Sport-n-Rest coffee shop uses a pour over brewing method for their drip coffees. This method allows for a more controlled extraction of the coffee grounds and results in a tastier cup of coffee. If you are ever in Henderson County, be sure to stop by Sport-n-Rest and try one of their delicious coffees!

Sport-n-Rest’s Current Location

Sport-n-Rest is currently located in Henderson County, Texas. The company operates five graveyards in the county: Bethel, Cain, Fairview, Paradise and Rest Haven. According to the Henderson County Appraisal District, the total appraised value of Sport-n-Rest’s five graveyards is $9.4 million.

The Significance of Lot Numbers

There are a few different things that are important to know about lot numbers and how they can affect your experience at Sport-n-Rest. For one, lot numbers help us keep track of where our products are coming from. This is important for quality control and helps us ensure that we are getting the best possible products for our customers. Additionally, lot numbers can sometimes be used to determine how old a product is. This is helpful information to have when making decisions about which products to purchase. Finally, lot numbers can also be used to help resolve any issues that may come up with a product. If there is a problem with a specific batch of product, the lot number can help us narrow down where the issue may have originated and take steps to correct it.

How to Find Sport-n-Rest

Sport-n-Rest is located in Henderson County, Texas. The best way to find Sport-n-Rest is to use the following address:

777 S. Washington St.
Henderson, TX 75654

You can also find Sport-n-Rest by using the following GPS coordinates:

Latitude: 32.1556972
Longitude: -95.6372217


The physical therapy clinic at Sport-n-Rest in Henderson County, Texas implemented a new lot numbering system in September 2016 in order to keep better track of inventory and to improve customer service. The new system has been successful in both regards. The clinic has seen a decrease in inventory levels, and customers have been generally happy with the improved level of service.

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