How to Make a Sports Bra Out of Tights?

Want to know how to make a sports bra out of tights? Check out this tutorial to see how it’s done!

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Are you in a pinch and need a sports bra but don’t have one? You can make one out of tights! All you need is a pair of tights, scissors, and a tape measure. With just a few cuts and some tying, you’ll have a comfortable and supportive sports bra in no time.

What you will need

To make a sports bra out of tights, you will need:
-a pair of tights
-a needle and thread or a hot glue gun

1. Cut the tights at the waistband, about 6 inches above the crotch. You should now have two leg sections.
2. Cut a small hole in the center of the crotches of both legs. This will be where your head goes through when you put the bra on.
3. Try on the bra to make sure it fits comfortably, then take it off.
4. If you are using a needle and thread, sew the holes in the crotches shut. If you are using a hot glue gun, glue them shut.
5. Your sports bra is now complete!

Step 1: Cut the tights

To make a sports bra out of tights, start by cutting the tights to the desired length. Next, cut a slit down the front of the tights and insert a piece of elastic into the slit. Then, tie the ends of the elastic together to create a band. Finally, put the tights on and adjust the band as needed.

Step 2: Sew the tights together

Next, you will need to sew the tights together. You can do this by hand or with a sewing machine. If you are using a sewing machine, set it to a straight stitch and sew along the entire length of the tights. If you are sewing by hand, use a running stitch. Start at one end of the tights and Sew along the entire length of the tights.

Step 3: Try on the sports bra

Now that you have your sports bra, it’s time to try it on. Make sure that the band of the sports bra is snug but not too tight, and that the straps are not too loose. Also, make sure that the cups of the sports bra fit well and offer support. If everything looks good, you’re ready to start working out in your new sports bra!

Step 4: Adjust the sports bra

Now that you have sewn the tights together, it’s time to adjust the sports bra. Try it on and see how it feels. If it is too loose, you can tighten it by knotting the straps in the back. If it is too tight, you may need to add an elastic band in the back.

Step 5: Wear the sports bra

Now that your new sports bra is complete, it’s time to put it to use! Be sure to wash your tights before you get started, and then put them on just like you would any other sports bra. If you find that the fit is too loose, you can always add a bit of elastic to the back or sides to help keep everything in place. And that’s all there is to it! Now you have a homemade sports bra that’s comfortable, supportive, and perfect for any workout.


That’s it! You now have a new sports bra made out of tights. This bra will provide you with the support you need while working out, and it will also help to wick away sweat.


Q: Can I make a sports bra out of tights?
A: Yes, you can! In fact, tights make great sports bras because they are comfortable, stretchy, and breathable. Plus, they offer support without being too constricting. Here’s how to do it:

1. Cut the tights at the thigh so that you have two leg portions.
2. Cut a hole in the crotch area of each leg portion for your head to go through.
3. Put the tights on like a tank top and pull them up over your chest.
4. Cross the straps in the back and tie them together.
5. Adjust the fit as needed and enjoy your new sports bra!

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