Honda CRX Dual Sport for Sale in Lubbock, Texas

Looking for a used Honda CRX Dual Sport for sale in Lubbock, Texas? Then check out this blog post for all the details on where to find one!

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The Honda CRX was a subcompact car produced by the Japanese automaker Honda between 1983 and 1991. The car is widely regarded as one of the most fun-to-drive and practical cars ever made, and it has inspired a loyal following among driving enthusiasts.

In recent years, the CRX has gained a new lease on life as a Dual Sport vehicle. Dual Sport vehicles are designed for both on- and off-road use, and they combine the best features of both worlds. The CRX Dual Sport is a perfect example of this new breed of vehicle, and it’s for sale right here in Lubbock, Texas.

If you’re looking for a unique and practical car that can take you anywhere you want to go, then the Honda CRX Dual Sport is the perfect choice for you. Come see us today and take one for a test drive. You won’t be disappointed!


This Honda CRX is a dual sport vehicle that is great for on and off roading. It has a 1.5 liter engine with 90 horsepower. The CRX is a great car for anyone who loves to go on adventures and wants a reliable car that can handle any terrain.


This car is very clean for the year with no rust and only a few dings. The paint is faded on the roof and hood but the body is straight. The front bumper has been replaced with a fiberglass unit and there are aftermarket headlights and taillights. There are also some aftermarket suspension modifications.


This Honda CRX dual sport is a great vehicle for those who are looking for a reliable and affordable mode of transportation. The CRX has a spacious interior that is perfect for families or individuals who need a little extra room. The seats are comfortable and the controls are easy to reach, making it a great choice for those who want a car that is both practical and stylish.


The Honda CRX is a dual sport for sale in Lubbock, Texas. It has a 1.6-liter engine with 84 horsepower. The engine is mated to a 5-speed manual transmission and features fuel injection.


The Honda CRX Dual Sport is a versatile and reliable car that is perfect for those who need a reliable car that can handle a variety of conditions. The CRX Dual Sport has a 1.5-liter engine that is capable of reaching speeds of up to 60 miles per hour. The car also has a five-speed manual transmission that offers drivers a smooth and responsive ride. The CRX Dual Sport is also equipped with a number of safety features, including ABS brakes and a rear-view camera.


While the Honda CRX is considered a lightweight car, it’s actually pretty quick off the line. The 1.5-liter engine in the HF model is good for 60 mph in about 9 seconds, while the Si will do it in about 8. Both are faster than most economy cars of their day.


CRX is nimble and quick. According to Car and Driver, the CRX Si can go from 0-60mph in just 8.3 seconds, which is pretty fast for a car its size. The handling is tight and precise, which makes it a blast to drive around corners. The stock suspension is on the firm side, but this can be tuned with aftermarket parts to your liking.


One of the most important safety features on your vehicle is the brakes. Whether you are coming to a stop in traffic or slowing down for a turn, your brakes need to be in good working order. At Dual Sport, we inspect your brakes and can perform any necessary repairs so that you can feel confident behind the wheel.


The Honda CRX is a safe and reliable car that is perfect for those who are looking for a vehicle that can handle all types of terrain and weather conditions. This car has been designed with safety in mind, and it features a number of features that make it one of the safest cars on the road.


Prices for the Honda CRX Dual Sport in Lubbock, Texas range from $2,500 to $4,000.


We’ve compiled all of the information you need to know about the Honda CRX Dual Sport for sale in Lubbock, Texas. This car is a great choice for anyone looking for a reliable, efficient and affordable vehicle. With its fuel economy and low emissions, the CRX Dual Sport is perfect for city driving or long distance road trips. If you’re looking for a safe and stylish car, the Honda CRX Dual Sport is the perfect choice.

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