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A local track day event for all Corvette Grand Sport owners and enthusiasts. This is a great opportunity to meet other Corvette owners, learn about your car, and have some fun on the track!

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The Grand Sport Track day in Texas is a great opportunity for locals to come and experience world-class racing. This event is happening on December 6th, at the Texas Motor Speedway. Experience the rush of wheel-to-wheel racing action with some of the best drivers in the world.

What is a Grand Sport?

The Grand Sport is Corvette Racing’s latest evolution of the world’s most successful production-based sports car race car. It is a purpose-built race car designed to compete in international GT3 racing. The Grand Sport name was first used on a special lightweight 1960 Corvette developed for racing. Today, the new Grand Sport returns to its roots as an unparalleled track machine that pushes the limits of performance.

The all-new 2017 Corvette Grand Sport is the most track-capable Corvette ever, blending Z06 power with a lighter weight Stingray body. As a result, it delivers 0-60 mph performance of 3.6 seconds and 1.2 g in cornering capability – and up to 1.05 g with optional Z07 Performance Package – making it the fastest street-legal Corvette ever produced.

The heart of any sports car is its engine, and at the center of every Grand Sport is Chevrolet’s legendary small block V8 – now in its seventh generation as an LT1. For Grand Sport duty, the engine has been upgraded with a dry sump oil system, active valve exhaust and Brembo brakes – similar to what’s found on the Z06. When paired with available Z07 Performance Package and Magnetic Ride Control, it makes for one truly incredible track machine.’

What is a Track Day?

A track day is an event where enthusiasts can take their cars or motorcycles out on a racing circuit to enjoy the thrill of speed and competition in a safe and controlled environment. Many track days also offer the opportunity to receive professional instruction from racing drivers or riders.

While there are some similarities between track days and actual races, track days are not races. The focus of a track day is on fun and learning, not competition. Most track days follow a format that includes a few hours of practice in the morning, followed by more practice and then some time for qualifying races in the afternoon. There is usually an awards ceremony at the end of the day to hand out trophies to the winners.

Whether you’re a seasoned racer or a complete novice, there’s a track day out there that’s perfect for you. And with so many events taking place all over the country, there’s sure to be one happening soon near you.

The Event

The Grand Sport Track Day is a local event that is perfect for those who want to get into track racing. It is an opportunity to learn the ropes in a safe and fun environment. This year, the event will be held at the Texas Motor Speedway on March 25th.

When and where is it?

The Event will be held on Saturday, October 20th at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas.

What is the cost?

The cost for the event is $325. You can find more information about pricing here.

What is the schedule?

The Event Schedule is as follows:

-8:00 a.m. Gates open
-9:00 a.m. Tech Inspection and Open Track Time begins
-12:00 noon Lunch Break (tracks will be CLOSED)
-1:00 p.m. Open Track Time resumes
-5:00 p.m. Gates close

The Cars

The Corvette is America’s only true sports car and has been for over 60 years. It’s a two-seat, rear-engine car that’s available in both coupe and convertible body styles. The Grand Sport is the performance-oriented version of the Corvette with a wide variety of engines and transmissions to choose from. It’s also the most track-focused Corvette with race-bred suspension and brakes. If you’re looking for a true performance car, the Corvette Grand Sport is the one to have.

What is a Corvette Grand Sport?

The Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport is a racetrack-focused performance variant of the seventh-generation Corvette. It was introduced in 2016 as a Mid engine sports car. The specification of the car is similar to that of the Z06 but with a lighter curb weight and smaller displacement engine. The car has a 0 to 60 miles per hour acceleration time of 3.8 seconds and a quarter-mile acceleration time of 12 seconds. The top speed of the car is 186 miles per hour.

What other cars will be there?

Other than the Grand Sport, there will be a variety of other cars on the track day. A few of the other cars that will be in attendance are listed below.

-Porsche 911 GT3 RS
-Lamborghini Huracan Performante
-Mclaren 720s
-Ferrari 488 Pista
-Aston Martin DB11
-Nissan GT-R Nismo
-Audi R8 V10 Plus

The People

The Grand Sport Track day in Texas is an annual event that takes car enthusiasts and track day drivers from all around the state to come compete and have a good time. This event is one of the most highly anticipated track days of the year and people start planning and preparing months in advance.

Who is organizing the event?

The people who are organizing the event are a group of local racing enthusiasts.

Who else is coming?

We’re expecting a great turnout of local track day fans, as well as some out-of-towners. This is always a great event, and we can’t wait to see everyone there!


The Grand Sport Track Day in Texas was a great success! We had a great turnout and everyone had a blast. We want to thank everyone who came out and supported us. We’ll see you all next year!

Why you should come

Here at our local track day in Texas, we offer the perfect experience for car lovers of all ages. Whether you’re a professional driver or just getting behind the wheel for the first time, we have something for everyone. Our world-class tracks and safety features provide the ideal environment for a fun and safe day out. So come on down and join us for an unforgettable experience!

How to sign up

If you want to participate in the event, you’ll need to sign up in advance. You can do so either online or in person at the track. The cost is $150 per person, and you’ll need to bring your own car and helmet. All drivers must have a valid driver’s license, and all vehicles must be insured.

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