The Best Dual Sport Routes in Texas

Texas has some of the best dual sport routes in the country. Here are some of our favorites.

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The Best Dual Sport Routes

If you’re looking for the best dual sport routes in Texas, you’ve come to the right place. Texas has some of the best off-road trails in the country, and we’ve compiled a list of our favorites. From easy trails that are perfect for beginners to advanced trails that will challenge even the most experienced riders, we’ve got something for everyone.

The Big Bend Loop

The Big Bend loop is one of the most popular dual sport routes in Texas. The loop takes riders through some of the most scenic and remote areas of the state. The route can be done in either direction, but most riders prefer to go clockwise.

There are a few different ways to do the Big Bend loop, but the most common route is to start in Alpine, Texas and ride east on Highway 118 to Big Bend National Park. From there, riders will continue on Highway 118 east to Marathon, Texas. From Marathon, riders will head north on Highway 385 back to Alpine.

The entire loop is about 400 miles long and can be ridden in 3-4 days. There are plenty of places to camp along the way, so riders can take their time and enjoy the scenery.

The Lost Pines Loop

The Lost Pines Loop is a great dual sport route that starts just outside of Austin, Texas. The loop takes you through some of the most beautiful scenery in the area, including the Lost Pines forest and Bastrop State Park. The route is about 200 miles long and can be done in a day or over a weekend.

The West Texas Loop

The West Texas Loop is a 1,000-mile off-pavement route that traverses some of the most remote and desolate landscapes in the state. The loop starts and ends in Van Horn, TX, and includes Big Bend National Park, Davis Mountains State Park, Guadalupe Mountains National Park, and more. Along the way, riders will cross deserts, mountains, canyons, and rivers. The route is best ridden from October to April.

What to Expect on Dual Sport Routes

Texas has some of the best dual sport routes in the country. whether you’re looking for scenic mountain vistas or challenging technical terrain, there’s a route for you. In this article, we’ll cover what to expect on dual sport routes, and give you a few of our favorites to get you started.


Most of Texas is covered in prairies, grasslands, and desert scrub, which makes for wide open spaces perfect for exploring on a dual sport bike. The terrain here is generally flat to rolling, with occasional rocky sections and dry riverbeds


The weather in Texas is highly variable, and can change quickly. Expect hot summers with temperatures often over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, and cold winters with temps dipping below freezing. rainfall varies widely by region, but in general, the state receives around 30 inches of rain per year. Despite the variable conditions, Texas is a great place to ride dual sport all year round.


Wildlife is one of the most exciting aspects of dual sport riding, and you never know what you might see. deer, coyotes, snakes, and even bears are all possible sightings. If you’re lucky enough to see any of these, be sure to enjoy from a distance and don’t disturb the animals.

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