AP Sport Writer: Texas All-State

The Texas All-State Football team was recently announced, and AP Sport Writer Fred Faour was there to cover it. In this blog post, he gives his thoughts on the team and the players who made it.

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In 1998, the Associated Press (AP) released its first All-State high school football team. The AP also selected an All-State basketball team starting in the 1950-51 season. The AP’s All-State teams are selected by a panel of sportswriters from around the state.

Texas All-State

Texas All-State is the largest high school sporting event in the United States. This year, there were over 17,000 athletes competing in 33 different sports. The events are spread out over two weeks in early June, with most of the action taking place at the University of Texas at Austin.

What is it?

Texas All-State is an annual high school football honor given to the top high school football players in the state of Texas. The award is given by the Texas Sports Writers Association.

How is it different from other all-state teams?

The Texas All-State team is a bit different from most other all-state teams in the country. For starters, the team is selected by a panel of sportswriters from around the state. Secondly, the team is not limited to just seniors. In fact, juniors and even sophomores are sometimes selected for the squad.

The Selection Process

The selection process for the Texas All-State Football team is intense. There are six rounds of voting by the sports writers and only the top 22 players are named to the team. The process starts with each writer nominating their top 33 players in the state. From there, the writers vote on the players and the top 33 are selected.

How are players selected?

In order to be eligible for selection to the All-State team, a player must:

-Be nominated by his or her head coach
-Be in good standing with the Texas High School Coaches Association
-Complete the required information packet
-Achieve at least a 70 on the TAP (Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools) test OR rank in at least the 50th percentile on either the SAT or ACT
-Have no disciplinary actions on record with the THSCA

Once nominations have been collected, a screening committee made up of high school coaches from around the state goes through each candidate’s information packet. The committee then narrows down the pool of players to those who will be invited to try out for the team.

Invitations to try out are extended based on a number of factors, including but not limited to: school and district honors, individual and team statistics, feedback from opposing coaches, and recommendations from the screening committee.

Players who are invited to try out must attend two practices and one scrimmage before the final team is selected. During this time, players will be evaluated on their skill level, character, leadership ability, attitude, and work ethic.

What criteria are used?

The All-State team is selected by a statewide panel of sportswriters who cover high school football on a regular basis.

The All-State Game

The All-State game is a high school football championship played in the state of Texas. It is held annually in December at a different location each year. The game features the top high school football players in the state of Texas.

What happens during the game?

The All-State Game is an annual event that determines the Texas State Champion in high school football. The game is played between the two teams that have advanced to the championship game, which is typically held in December.

During the game, each team will have possession of the ball for four downs, or plays. On each down, the offensive team will attempt to move the ball ten yards forward. If they are successful, they will earn a first down and will be given another four downs to move the ball ten yards. If they are not successful, they will lose possession of the ball.

The defensive team can stop the offensive team by either tackling them or forcing them to turn the ball over. turnovers can occur when the offensive team fumbles the ball or throws an interception.

The team that scores the most points during regulation time will be declared the winner of the All-State Game.

What is the purpose of the game?

The All-State Game is an annual high school football game that features the best seniors from Texas. The game is played each December at a different location in the state, and the proceeds from ticket sales go to support Texas high school football programs.


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