College Football: Teams picked for Texas State’s Maroon and Gold Spring Game

The Bobcats stepped away from practice for one day to have a little fun.

Texas State had team captains select players for Saturday’s Maroon and Gold Game during a fantasy draft Wednesday afternoon. The Gold team was led by captains Craig Mager, Bradley Miller, Kris Petersen and Adrian Bellard, while the Maroon team was led by captains David Mayo, Ben Ijah, Tomas Luna and Matt Freeman.

After winning the coin toss for the No. 1 overall pick, the Gold team not-so-shockingly took quarterback Tyler Jones. The rest of the Top 10 picks for the Gold roster (in order) included: tailback Robert Lowe, offensive lineman Ryan Melton, cornerback David Mims II, defensive tackle Dallas McClarty, defensive end Marcus Dallas, Jr., safety Germod Williams, wide receiver Brice Gunter, wide receiver C.J. Best and offensive lineman Felix Romero.

The Maroon team also took a quarterback with its first overall pick (Connor White). The rest of the Maroon’s team Top 10 picks (in order) included: guard Charlie Will Tuttle, wide receiver Brandon Smith, cornerback David Farris, running back Chris Nutall, defensive end Thomas Evans, defensive tackle Will Trevillion, linebacker Jerrid Jeter-Gilmon, safety Damani Alexcee and offensive lineman Jackson Costello.

Here’s how the rest of the both rosters look:

Gold Team:

Maroon Team:


Based on the roster alone, it appears that the Gold team won the draft. With both Jones and Lowe on its team, the squad has the Bobcats’ best two offensive players. C.J. Best should be a valuable weapon for the Gold team, as well. Best has been effective on jet sweeps and quick slants during spring camp.

“After doing this for so many years, usually who I think won the draft loses the game,” Texas State head coach Dennis Franchione said. “I never know which player will be taken with the first pick in a team draft. But, I find it interesting to see what guys think of their teammates, how they draft the teams and what they think is important when selecting the teams. Some guys choose from their heart and select their friends, while others choose their team because they want to win the game.”

Perhaps, the surprise pick for the Maroon team was taking freshman quarterback Connor White with its No. 1 pick. The Maroon team could have gone with more experience quarterbacks in Randy Price or Fred Nixon. Or, it could have taken the best available player (Lowe).

But, the Maroon team’s captains showed a lot of confidence in White, who actually outperformed Jones in last Saturday’s scrimmage. White went 8 of 10 for 83 yards during last Saturday’s intrasquad game. Franchione rewarded the freshman from Fort Union Military Academy with some snaps on the first-team offense. White led the first teamers down the field for a touchdown.

Texas State returns to the field Thursday for the final practice before Saturday’s spring game.

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