Texas State Sports Podcast (South Alabama Edition)

Another week. Another game. Another podcast.

On this week’s episode, Texas State beat writer Tyler Mayforth chats with Tommy Hicks, who covers South Alabama for the Alabama Media Group.

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2 responses to “Texas State Sports Podcast (South Alabama Edition)

  1. Frank

    Hey Tyler, thank you for your coverage. Awesome job.

    I wanted to pass on to you that a new tradition has started at Texas State; the Cat Walk. Players arrive at the south end zone complex at 3:00 to 3:15 on game day and fans are there to welcome them as they head to the field house. We started the Cat Walk two games ago and are averaging about 75-100 ppl for both. Would love to have a much larger crowd this week as we need this win. We do this for every home game. Can you get the word out? Bring noise makers, signs, whatever, but most of all, your spirit. Go Bobcats!!!

    • Ian Duncan

      Frank, I think the cat walk is an excellent idea. However, I went to the first one two weeks ago and was completely disappointed. The players didn’t even make eye contact with the fans, high fives or anything. I even made a custom sign to support the cats. The players all either stared straight ahead or kept their heads down with their headphones on. If the players want fans to support them, they need to appreciate the fans they have first. …end of rant

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