College Football: Practice Report (August 12)

Before we get started, Texas State closed tomorrow morning’s practice to the media and public. As such, there won’t be a morning practice report from half of the Bobcats’ two-a-day workout.

If you’re wondering why head coach Dennis Franchione made it a private affair, we can only assume he’s finally prepared to release the Kraken and doesn’t want anybody else to see its fury just yet. Or Texas State is going to work on the Annexation of Puerto Rico, as made famous by the movie “Little Giants.”

All right. Back to more pressing matters.

  • Junior running back Terrence Franks continues to have a solid fall camp. Franks is blocking much better and is not shying away from contact, as was evident during goal-line drills.
  • Speaking of Franks, Franchione said he’d like him to become a one-cut back to utilize his speed. “I told him, ‘If you have to slow down to start juking, it slows you down too much. We want you to be a one-slash, one-step guy and you’ll maintain your speed.'”
  • Also during goal-line and red-zone drills, the defense consistently stepped up. Texas State’s first- and second-string unit made life difficult for their offensive counterparts. “I always say ‘Real men play defense in the red zone,'” Franchione said. “Their attitude about playing defense in the red zone is good. Sometimes you can feel defeated or you can say they haven’t crossed the goal line. That’s what we’re trying to get across: Until they cross that line, nothing matters. Keep playing.”

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