College Football: All-too-early quarterback depth chart

Rocket Arm. Fleet Feet. The Duke. Wünderkid.

Tyler Arndt. Jordan Moore. Duke DeLancellotti. Tyler Jones.

Who will start when Texas State opens the 2013 season at Southern Mississippi? If the first five days of fall camp proved anything, it’s going to be a tight battle all the way to game day (Aug. 31).

But what if the season started tomorrow? Who gets the nod?

Based on what he did in spring camp and thus far in the fall, Arndt is the man. Arndt, a senior, separated himself from the pack just enough during spring practice to be the clear-cut, first-string option on the post-spring depth chart and through five practices, has yet to make a critical mistake when throwing the ball.

“Tyler has played pretty well so far,” Texas State head coach Dennis Franchione said after Thursday’s practice. “Down in, down out, he’s pretty consistent. He’s ran it a little bit more aggressively and that’s good to see. We’ve thrown a lot of offense at the quarterback and he’s managed it pretty well.”

Moore, a redshirt freshman, is gaining ground on Arndt. During Friday’s practice, the first one in full pads, Moore threw a beautiful ball to sophomore wide receiver Brandon Smith that resulted in a touchdown. Moore, however, can’t shake the interception bug and threw a pick in each of the last three practices (two on Thursday).

“Jordan is making a lot of good, solid plays, too,” Franchione said. “Jordan has matured a lot since the first day of spring practice last year.”

After Moore it gets a bit hazy.

Don’t count out senior Duke DeLancellotti and it’s impossible to deny Jones’ talent. Franchione complimented DeLancellotti after Thursday’s practice for having ‘…much better days this fall camp than he had in the spring,” and lauded Jones for bouncing back from Wednesday’s subpar effort and throwing the ball “…with authority.”

When it comes down to it, Franchione just wants to find the right fit. That’s why Franchione designed the first few practices to be a whole-part-whole learning experience for the quarterbacks.

“You know, 75-80 percent of what we do, they can all do,” Franchione said. “We want to see what they can do with everything and then we’ll say, ‘We don’t like this quarterback doing this. We like this quarterback doing that.’ And that’s OK. It’s a little bit of a change-up for people and that’s just what you need to do, which is try to put your round pegs in the round holes and not force them into square ones.”

Depth Chart (As of August 9)
1. Tyler Arndt — ‘Consistent’ is a good word when describing a quarterback.
2. Jordan Moore — He’ll be neck-and-neck if he cuts those picks.
3. Tyler Jones — Will be a three-horse race when he learns the playbook.
4. Duke DeLancellotti — Playing catch-up after a bad spring.
5. Fred Nixon — May need to think about switching positions.


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8 responses to “College Football: All-too-early quarterback depth chart

  1. Arndt –
    Like he did his freshman year…run the ball when needed. Isn’t that what got him a torn ACL?
    I know he’s bigger and stronger now but I also have that in the back of MY mind; even if he doesn’t.

    • Arndt hurt his ACL on a freak play when he was a freshman. Didn’t even cut that hard while scrambling, but ACLs are finicky ligaments.

      If Arndt runs smart and aggressively at the same time (delicate balance, I know), he’ll be just fine.

  2. TheRevSWT

    If you had to put odds on it, what odds would you lay on Jones getting PT this season?

    • You love odds, don’t you?

      It all depends on his ability to learn the playbook and how quickly he can put it to use.

      Right now, I’d peg him as a moderate underdog (8:1) because even though he doesn’t know the playbook, you can’t look past his athleticism. Ask me again in three weeks, though, and those odds could drop near even money.

      It’s all up to him.

  3. El Gato

    So what is Nixon’s current role in practice? He still running plays to try and make a name for himself or has he gone the WR route? Also, anything about this mornings practice change your mind on your depth chart? Looks like the BobcatReport crew going with Moore/Arndt as 1/2.

    • Nixon is still at quarterback, running plays like the rest of them. If Nixon switches positions, it will probably happen in the next two weeks, so he can get a feel for it.

      One day won’t change a depth chart that already had Arndt at the top, ahead of Moore.

      Arndt still hasn’t thrown an interception (that I’ve seen), compared to three or four by Moore. At this stage, Arndt’s mistakes are mental and have not cost the offense possession or a terrible difference in field position.

  4. DAvid de Lancellotti

    Go Duke!!!!!

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