College Athletics: Lawsuit filed against Texas State

The family of Basil Brown II, a men’s basketball player at Texas State, filed a 36-complaint in United States District Court against the university due to mistreatment of their son and scholarship violations. Brown’s scholarship was canceled by the Bobcats as of May 15.

Those named in the complaint are the Texas State University System Board of Regents, Texas State University, Texas State University System Chairperson Donna Williams, Texas State University System Chancellor Brian McCall, Texas State University President Dr. Denise M. Trauth, Texas State University Director of Financial Ad and Scholarships Christopher Murr, Texas State University Director of Athletics Larry Teis, Texas State University Head Men’s Basketball Coach Daniel Kaspar, Texas State University Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach Rob Flaska and Texas State University Assistant Trainer Jason Karlic.

The complaint argues…

  • No proper notice of scholarship cancellation was ever sent to Basil II.
  • The NCAA does not allow scholarship cancellation at any time for athletic reasons.
  • Basil II is lawfully entitled to an appeal hearing before any scholarship funding can be cut due to cancellation of scholarship.
  • Basil II is lawfully entitled to medical bills being paid.
  • Basil II was entitled to actual books and funding for a laptop.
  • Basil II was entitled to file a complaint against the former coach without being retaliated against by TSU or the new coach.
  • It is not in Basil Brown II’s best interest to transfer to another school.

Texas State refused to pay medical bills pertaining to an injury Brown suffered during a ‘mandatory team workout’ in which a recruit was present and participating, because the university considered the injury not to be athletically related. It is an NCAA violation for a team to hold an organized practice with a recruit, as it is considered a tryout. Due to that injury, Brown had to go through ‘major surgery’ and it was exacerbated by alleged mistreatment by former head coach Doug Davalos as well as Karlic. Brown later had a second surgery seven months later.

Inside the 36-page complaint, the Brown family also stated Texas State violated three NCAA bylaws in voiding Brown’s scholarship (,, Texas State’s Director of Financial Aid and Scholarships failed to mail — and sign — a notice of Brown’s cancellation (, a scholarship can’t be voided due to athletic reasons ( and no cancellation of a scholarship can happen until Brown had a chance to appeal the decision (

Brown is 22 hours from graduating with a degree in accounting.

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One response to “College Athletics: Lawsuit filed against Texas State

  1. Ron in WI

    Everyone knows that schools violate players rights daily. How many failed drug tests and fitness tests vanish for the stars of the teams while the subs are cut for the same reason? Too many to ever count! Nail these schools!

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