College Basketball: Tougher schedule in 2012-13 for the men

Take a look at Texas State’s non-conference schedules for the past two years. This doesn’t include tournaments.

vs. Fordham
vs. UT-Tyler
vs. Southern Methodist
vs. Utah
vs. Oral Roberts
vs. UT-Pan American
at Texas
at Northwestern
at Central Michigan

vs. Texas Lutheran
vs. Howard Payne
vs. Northwestern Oklahoma State
vs. Houston Baptist
vs. Houston
at Texas
at Long Island
at Fordham
vs. Huston Tillotson
at Houston

Notice the Bobcats only play one game against a sub-Division I opponent in 2012-13, compared to four last season.

Part of that has to do with how Texas State head coach Doug Davalos wants to test his team. With the Bobcats playing in a tougher conference, they needed to be tested more in non-conference games to get them ready for the tough league slate.

“I told the players before that, ‘You schedule according to what you think you’ve got,'” Davalos said. “If this is the toughest schedule, this tells you I really like this team.”

Then there is another reason for fewer patsies. Texas State would be fined, by the WAC, $50K per each game against a sub-D1 opponent outside of the one allowed game per season.

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  1. Oh man, don’t give the AD fodder for more excuse-making. They already used this one for the loss to UTSA in football!

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