College Football: Post-Game Video Blog (UTSA Edition)

Enjoy this for now. We’ll have much more on this loss in the upcoming days.


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4 responses to “College Football: Post-Game Video Blog (UTSA Edition)

  1. chuckgreen

    C’mon Tyler. Call Teis out like you should. Same with Fran. All I have to say is that we have a bunch of girls playing on our line.

    • I don’t see a reason why Fran or Teis should be called out. Even though this was a horrible loss, this is a process. Sure, the Bobcats took a step back, but we’ll see what happens next game and next season.

  2. TheRevSWT

    I totally agree this is a process, but this is a HUGE setback for them. To be outcoached routinely this season is a huge indictment on the coaching staff.

    Larry’s lack of effort in bringing in the students, alumni, and community should not be overlooked either.

    I ask this with complete sincerity: Can you think of one aspect of the move to FBS that Larry has driven and handled even adequately? Because I can’t.

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