Bobcat Mailbag: Nevada Edition

Texas State has quite the test Saturday afternoon when its hosts Nevada at 1 p.m.

The Wolf Pack have a dangerous offense, as they put up 44 points and 557.2 yards per game. Nevada is 3-1 and led by the No. 1 rusher in the nation, Stefphon Jefferson.

Got any questions as to what it will take to slow down Jefferson and the Wolf Pack? Feel free to ask them in the comment section below.


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6 responses to “Bobcat Mailbag: Nevada Edition

  1. Wayne Mayo

    Is he an up the middle , a sweep or a screen runner? Or all three?

  2. Jefferson is a downhill slasher, so Texas State needs to look out for the cutback after the initial hand-off. Nevada doesn’t run any pitch plays out of its Pistol, so while the Bobcats need to contain the edge regardless, it won’t be as important as when they play New Mexico or Navy.

  3. josh grothues

    do you think our o/d lines have a legit chance to compete with nevada’s lines? Also, do you think we have a legit chance at winning this game?

    • Texas State’s offensive line will have more success than its defensive line in this game. For the defensive line to have as much success as the offensive line, it will need to be physical and blow Nevada off the line of scrimmage before the Wolf Pack can get traction.

      There is a chance the Bobcats win this game, but only if they can slow down Jefferson and in turn, Nevada’s rushing attack.

  4. Lost Cat

    Do you expect the running game to improve against Nevada? Was Curry 100% against SFA?

    • If Texas State can’t get it going on the ground this week, something is wrong. Nevada allows 173.5 rushing yards per game, so there should be opportunities for the Bobcats.

      Curry wasn’t 100 percent, but close. He looked a lot stronger in practice this week than last week.

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