College Football: Post-Game Thoughts (SFA Edition)

Listen to what Texas State beat writer Tyler Mayforth and San Antonio Express-News writer John Whisler had to say following the Bobcats’ 41-37 win Saturday night.


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2 responses to “College Football: Post-Game Thoughts (SFA Edition)

  1. josh grothues

    why do you think the coaches never made an adjustment to the slant routes. It seemed like they were doing slants every play and we just kept letting them do so. also, why did we get so conservative with the play calling knowing we werent running the ball particularly well and knowing that they sfa were moving the ball pretty well.. it just seems like the coaches get overly conservative at times.

    • It’s nearly impossible to defend a perfect slant with a good throw. While Attaway wasn’t always on target, he put the ball where they needed to be on the slant.

      Late in the game, Texas State tried to milk the clock as much as it could. If the Bobcats took one or two more shots down the field in that span, it could have kept SFA honest.

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