Bobcat Mailbag (SFA Edition)

Got any questions about Saturday’s game between Texas State and Stephen F. Austin? Ask them here.

Kickoff is scheduled for 6 p.m. inside of Bobcat Stadium.


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7 responses to “Bobcat Mailbag (SFA Edition)

  1. TheRevSWT

    What’s the line of thinking from Fran playing players on the mend (Curry, Rutherford mainly)? This is the closest thing we have to a “gimme” game, and we’ll need those guys down the stretch. Seems like a prime opportunity to rest them up and let them get healthy.

    • Fran said he’s going to treat this game just like any other. Texas State can’t afford a loss to Stephen F. Austin, especially at this stage. Curry and Rutherford will play, but if the Bobcats get up by a lot, I full expect Curry to be taken out in favor of Nutall or Lowe. Rutherford and Arndt should both see time in Saturday’s game. Maybe DeLancellotti.

  2. josh grothues

    who is the starting qb at this point? i think arndt brings a little more to the table… more of a complete qb. couldnt we do some things with arndt and rutherford at the same time by putting rutherford at reciever…

    • Texas State won’t name an official starting quarterback until conference play. Franchione said throughout these non-conference games, he wants to give both a fair shake. Both should see time on Saturday.

      Arndt does bring more to the table, but has yet to fully show he is capable of putting all of those tools together. While Arndt had moments against Texas Tech where he looked serviceable, others left a lot to be desired (poor reads, throwing a pick into triple coverage, nearly throwing another).

      Using Rutherford as a receiver could open things up a bit for Texas State, but Rutherford is better at running Franchione’s offense at this point than Arndt. That’s why he gets all of these opportunities.

  3. elcapitone03

    This is not related to the SFA game specifically, but does the team have more than just maroon pants this year?

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