Bobcat Mailbag: Houston Edition

Our poll from a few days ago revealed a split in where the first Bobcat Mailbag (or Live Chat) should be conducted: either on our Facebook page or an open thread on this blog. We decided to put it both places this week.

So if you have a question about Texas State‘s season opener at the University of Houston, or the season in general, feel free to ask a question in the comments below.

Edit: Thanks for all of your comments. The Bobcat Mailbag is now closed.


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15 responses to “Bobcat Mailbag: Houston Edition

  1. Bobcat04

    Do you think our improved offensive line is improved enough and deep enough to go a solid 4 quarters agains the UH defense?

    • In short, no. While Texas State is now at 85 scholarships with the rest of the teams in the FBS, it still lacks true depth at offensive line. The Bobcats have talent on their line, but they are young. Three of the starting linemen (Crawford, Eshraghipour and Freehman) haven’t played a down on the offensive line in a college football game. Texas State will, though, be able to hang longer than it ever has in a game against an FBS team (outside of the upset of Rice and the near upset of Texas A&M).

      • Bobcat04

        You just brought back some exciting memories with that A&M comment. How awesome would it be to have ’05 Barrick Nealy quarterbacking this year’s team? I think that’s what Fran’s looking for in a QB.

  2. TheRevSWT

    I’m setting the over/under on turnovers in the UH game at 2.5. Where do you lay your money down?

  3. TheRevSWT

    And is this the youtube vid you were talking about?

  4. Lost Cat

    From a match up standpoint, where to see the Bobcat’s biggest strength and weakness against the Cougars.

    • Strengths

      Rushing attack vs. UH’s run defense: Texas State gashed Texas Tech for 256 yards last year. The Cougars had one of the worst run defenses in the nation. While UH switched to a 4-3 to help that, some of the same players remain. Senior Marcus Curry and sophomore Terrence Franks should have a big day.

      Craig Naivar: Texas State’s defensive coordinator game-planned against Houston several times while he was at Rice. Naivar knows this offense — and the Cougars’ starting quarterback, David Piland, for that matter. Piland was only a freshman when Naivar last game-planned against him in 2010, but the Owls limited him to 282 yards and picked him off once.


      Pass rush vs. UH’s offensive line: Texas State is going to find out how much Michael Ebbitt meant to its defense in this game. The Cougars return four offensive linemen and only let up 18 sacks in 2011, so the Bobcats will have their work cut out for themselves.

      Team speed: While Texas State improved its team speed, I don’t think its defense is to a point where it can keep up with UH.

  5. James

    What’s the biggest difference between out DB play now and our DBs in 2010 vs UofH? UofH absolutely carved us up in 2010, do you expect a better showing in 2012?

    • In 2010, Texas State couldn’t tackle and didn’t have the speed to keep up with Houston. Both of those things added up to the 40-point rout.

      The Bobcats worked hard this offseason to improve both areas. Even though Texas State won’t be able to match the Cougars step for step, a good open-field tackle can negate a small portion of the speed difference.

  6. josh grothues

    I heard rutherford is starting at qb… I know they said his arm strength has improved but is it strong enough for the fbs? if not, i dont see why hed start. i know hes the more mobile of the two qbs and we are a run first team but you have to have a qb that has the arm strength necessary to throw down the field to open up the playbook. also, arndts not completely a pocket passer , he can run a little. i rather have a qb that has a solid arm and is capable of getting out of the pocket then one that is fast but doesnt have a very good arm.. what are your thoughts?

    • Rutherford improved his arm, but it’s not FBS quality. At Blinn College, he split time at quarterback and wide receiver, more so the second. Rutherford struggled with basic throws in 2011, but has looked a lot better throughout preseason camp.

      Arndt does have a stronger arm, but he’s not as fast or adept at running as Rutherford. In head coach Dennis Franchione’s system, running trumps arms strength. Arndt looks a lot better running the ball than he ever has; but is it to where Franchione should trust him enough to outrun a linebacker on a zone read? Arndt never ran this type of offense, so the learning curve is a lot steeper.

      Texas State should use the best quarterback possible and the one that gives the team the most versatility. Franchione put it best in his Tuesday press conference — “The good thing for us, is that more so than any time last year, both guys are ready to play. We don’t have to change a good bit of what we’re doing.”

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