College Athletics: Texas State on the outside?

Texas State sports fans better hope the university has a horseshoe or an entire rabbit hidden somewhere. The Bobcats are going to need it pretty soon.

As of next week, Texas-San Antonio, Louisiana Tech, San Jose State and Utah State will be leaving the Western Athletic Conference. The Roadrunners and Bulldogs will head to Conference-USA, while SJSU and USU will join the Mountain West Conference.

So where does that leave Texas State? In short, not in a good place.

With those four schools leaving the WAC, the conference is down to three schools (Idaho, New Mexico State and Texas State) — and it’s impossible for the WAC to survive on four schools.

Like it was stated before, don’t be surprised if the Bobcats reach out to a familiar face in Karl Benson, the current commissioner of the WAC. Benson is now the commissioner of the Sun Belt Conference and would probably throw Texas State a lifeline if need be.

We’ll try to get in contact with Texas State athletic director Dr. Larry Teis at some point today (Saturday) to discuss this matter further.

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One response to “College Athletics: Texas State on the outside?

  1. Nick

    Fire Teis already…no reason for UTSA do get the nod over TXST! The guy is incompetent!

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