College Football: Spring game thoughts

Texas State sports fans, this afternoon was the annual Maroon and Gold Spring Game at Bobcat Stadium. For my thoughts from the Gold team’s 26-17 win, click below.


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2 responses to “College Football: Spring game thoughts

  1. Excellent notes Tyler. Sounds like your namesake had a heckuva day. Did the offense look much different than last years? To be specific, were we running what appeared to be the same set of offensive plays or did it have a different look?

    • Even though the offense did look the same (pistol, zone read, etc), they called some different things out of it to allow certain players, like Arndt, to excel. Arndt’s not going to be as fast as Rutherford or Jordan Moore, but he can make throws that both can’t and Franchione seemed to allow Arndt the ability to make those throws, something the coaches didn’t do last year. They also got Curry out of the backfield as a receiver, which is one of his biggest strengths.

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