College Basketball: Davalos on officiating and the Southland’s response

If you like us on Facebook, Texas State sports fans, you would have already seen what Texas State head coach Doug Davalos had to say about the officiating following the 63-61 loss to Sam Houston State. If not, here you go.

“I hate to see our season end with three of our best players on the bench (senior guard Travis Jones, junior forward Matt Staff and senior guard/forward Brooks Ybarra),” Davalos said. “I hate that. Sam Houston’s best players were on the floor and our best players were on the bench.

“The officiating was horrible. Put it in the paper. It’s fine. The officiating was horrible. … Good officials make players win the game. That didn’t happen. There are things we should have done better, but this is the first time that I’ve said this about officials, but it was horrible. It was a travesty.”

Davalos then poured gas on an already blazing fire when discussing a technical foul on Staff late in the second half. It also turned out to be Staff’s fifth foul, barring him from the game’s final three minutes.

“I don’t even know what [Staff] said,” Davalos said. “Do [the officials] have to have rabbit ears? If you do, go call high school basketball, walk away.”

Well, the Southland Conference didn’t wait long in responding to Davalos’ harsh comments. Here is the statement from Southland Conference commissioner Tom Burnett, which the Daily Record received unsolicited less than five hours after the completion of the game, in its entirety.

“If the comments being attributed to the coach are accurate, it’s unfortunate that he would choose the moment following the final game of his team’s season, as well as the program’s last contest as a 25-year Southland Conference member, to publicly criticize the game officials.

“With the program transitioning into a new league next season, and perhaps for other reasons, any reprimands or other sanctions would likely be a useless exercise that’s not worth the time or energy.

“The Southland instead focuses its attention on a prosperous basketball future, starting with next week’s tournament in Katy.”


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2 responses to “College Basketball: Davalos on officiating and the Southland’s response

  1. Maybe Davalos should find out what his player said before he tells the officials to just walk away. You may need to have a conversation with your player about showing respect to the officials instead of just assuming that the official has a quick trigger. And how very elementary to go say “go call high school basketball.” He clearly has no respect for the men in stripes at any level.

  2. Bobcat04

    Davalos is terrible. I guess it is the refs fault he’s lost 16+ games every season he’s been here.

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