College Basketball: Bobcat men among elite company

Here is a list of the longest home winning streaks in the nation.

1. Duke/Kentucky – 39
3. Ohio State – 30
4. Notre Dame – 24
5. Temple – 23
6. Purdue – 22
7. Harvard/North Carolina – 19
9. George Mason – 18
10. Bucknell – 17
11. Texas State – 14

Not too bad for the Bobcats.


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4 responses to “College Basketball: Bobcat men among elite company

  1. Josh

    They might be among elite company, but they were not playing against elite competition.

  2. Salty

    Haters gonna hate

  3. Josh

    I am a huge Bobcat fan and Texas State alum. I am not hating, just stating my opinion. The majority of the 14 wins came from the Southland conference and lower division schools. I can’t wait for the new conference, we should be able to get more teams of University of Houston caliber coming to San Marcos.

  4. Salty

    Just messing withyou, bro. I saw an opening so I took it.

    To your point though, we are a SLC team so playing our caliber of teams and having that streak is impressive. If we were a big 12 playing nothing but dII’s and SLC teams I would agree with you. But were not…

    Our competition at home is on par with what ut, tamu, Baylor ect experience when you consider who we are.

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