Bobcat Live Chat (1 p.m.) — Completed

Welcome to the Bobcat Live Chat.

Join us as we touch on the upcoming match-up between Texas State and Sam Houston State, as well as any odds and ends chatters would enjoy to talk about. The Bobcats and Bearkats kick off Saturday afternoon at 3 p.m. inside Bobcat Stadium.

With a win, Texas State would finish the season with a winning record at 7-5. A loss would leave the Bobcats thinking ‘What if,’ as they would have lost four out of their final five games.

Click below to join us in the chat see what you missed!

Click Here


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2 responses to “Bobcat Live Chat (1 p.m.) — Completed

  1. TheRevSWT

    Dang it. Middle of the day chat, and meetings tied me up.

    One question I have: Will you be doing a “grade the coaches” type deal? Always fond to hear if my thoughts are out of whack.

    • Sorry you couldn’t make it. Thanks for suggesting I hold one. If you read the transcript, it was quite lively.

      I will definitely be doing MVPs and such, but I could grade the coaches if there is a demand for it.

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