College Football: Talking About Quarterback Play With Mike Schultz

Got a comment from Maximum Bobcat earlier today asking me to speak with assistant head coach/co-offensive coordinator/quarterbacks coach Mike Schultz.

After last Saturday’s 23-10 loss to Northwestern State, in which incumbent starting quarterback Shaun Rutherford and the passing offense didn’t have their best days, I planned on speaking to Schultz, so here is what he had to say about various topics.

On Rutherford’s costly fumbles — “We just have to do a better job of protecting the ball in traffic. We started working on that and had been doing some drills on that already, but we’re going to make sure we really put a really heavy emphasis on making sure we keep a hold of the ball in traffic.”

On the decision to pull Rutherford in favor of sophomore quarterback Tyler Arndt — “We needed to change things up, and we made some mistakes offensively. Let me tell you something, Shaun isn’t the only one that made mistakes. There are a lot of guys who made mistakes in that game. Like I told the quarterbacks many, many times: When things go well, we get too much praise and things go bad, we get way too much blame. You take out those four or five plays and Shaun had a pretty decent day. We ask him to do something just about on every play he runs. We ask a lot of our quarterbacks and he had a few bad plays the entire night and when you make a bad play at quarterback, it’s glaring.”

On the struggles of the passing game (83 yards against a team that allowed an average of 357.5 in its two previous games) —“We had a few missed balls and dropped passes. We’re not concerned with passing yardage. We’re concerned about scoring one more point than the other team. In the past, we’ve hit some really big play-action passes . We’ve hit some balls that have gone 60 or 70 yards. We had a few play-action passes that we missed on Saturday and if we did hit those, you’re looking at a completely different game.”

On whether or not there will be a change at quarterback —“[Shaun] is still our guy. What we do and how we handle that situation needs to be kept up in those offices. We’re not going to go into that in public. We’re going to do the very best thing for this football team, and whatever gives us the best opportunity to win. Our approach to that will be decided as this week goes on. Whatever gives us the best chance at winning is the path that we’re going to take.”



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8 responses to “College Football: Talking About Quarterback Play With Mike Schultz

  1. Brandon morlock

    That’s like saying a pitcher had a good game except for the four bad pitches he made that ended uo being home runs… This is ridiculous. Start Arndt, let him play the WHOLE game, and we won’t lose.

  2. Chris J

    I wouldn’t go out on a limb and say “we won’t lose”, but we would be more competitive. I would like to know how someone like Darius Bolden feels about the total offense makeover. Granted, I would speak his true feelings.

  3. Fan4life1

    Man that’s hog wash… We need to throw the damn ball and quit trying to run this so called spread option….. Take the option out and just run the spread if yall don’t know how to do it talk to Fran Jr….

  4. Chuck

    They are not concerned about passing yards… I wonder what our recruiting pitch is for WRs/TEs/QBs with an arm, Can you block?. If Fumbleford fumbles in the redzone it doesn’t matter how you get yards, they don’t count.

    If they just run the ball the other team will stack the box and prevent the run because our inability to pass vertically. It is the 2010’s not the 1960’s Fran, the forward pass is allowed and often used.

    When you run the option you must have a lights out defense, not commit penalties or Turnovers, and have the ability to pass deep. Look at Navy, Air Force and Georgia Tech, we are no where close.

    • fan4life1

      I agree Chuck… We can’t put the team in reverse cause the coaches are afraid to let Fumbleford throw the ball. The plays need to be balanced or at least 40-60. We have been getting ourselves in a must pass situation and defenses have a field day with us cause they know what’s coming. Why do we watch film on the other opponent? To see teams throw for over 350 plus yards on them and we come out running the entire game. That’ weak coaching. After Franks have a 240 plus rushing game, he gets 7 or 8 carries the next week that is BS!!!

  5. MaximumBobcat

    Thanks for the interview Tyler.

    Schultz still didn’t say what I wanted to hear. Yeah, I know you in the game by points and not passing yardage, but we’ve got to do something to get a more balanced offense. Otherwise, we are too easy to shut down, as evidenced by the last two games.


  6. Skip

    Red zone scoring took a nose dive the last game out. Are our QBs capable of throwing a fade. You have some great athletes at WR and TE that can jump out of the stadium. Let the athletes make plays

    • Skip,

      Fades are all about timing and touch. Rutherford still struggles with each aspect. He did hit Battle in the end zone at McNeese, which had to be his best throw of the season, bar none.

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