College Football: It’s Game Day (Northwestern State Edition)

Texas State returns home to Bobcat Stadium this afternoon for a Homecoming game against Northwestern State. The Bobcats and Demons met last year on Homecoming, with Northwestern State dominating all phases of the game en route to a 16-3 win.

A win today for Texas State relies on its ability to adapt. The Demons have a tremendous run defense, which will force the Bobcats to pass more than they would like.

Junior quarterback Shaun Rutherford will need to rise to the occasion if Texas State is to win this one.


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6 responses to “College Football: It’s Game Day (Northwestern State Edition)

  1. Chris P

    Oh man, that was brutal. By the end I was hoping special teams or defense would score. We need at least some kind of passing threat. Is it an accuracy thing or lack of receiver threats besides the Tight end

    • More accuracy — and touch — than anything. Texas State has capable receivers (Battle, Bolden, Matthews), but Rutherford isn’t getting them the ball consistently. Counted at least four throws missed to wide-open receivers last Saturday.

  2. Andrew

    Passing accuracy. Rutherford missed some wide open targerts maybe 10 yards down field.

  3. MaximumBobcat

    Can you do an interview with Mike Schultz the OC/QB coach please? Or at least Dickey?

  4. Jon G

    Me and a quite a few other guys were calling out for Arndt to take over for the season last Saturday. And seeing some defense would be nice.

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