Questions And Answers: The Mailbag Is Open (Nicholls State Edition)

Folks, like last week, we’ll leave a post open just for comments due to the cancellation of this week’s Bobcat Live Chat.

Post a question and I’ll be sure to get to it today. Thanks!


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14 responses to “Questions And Answers: The Mailbag Is Open (Nicholls State Edition)

  1. Fan4life1

    Is Tyler Ardnt happy in his role as back up QB for the Bobcats, and what do you think his future is as a Texas State Football Player?

  2. cpwhite

    Hi Tyler,

    Do you still see us having a losing season?

    • If Texas State continues to improve each game like it has, I don’t see a reason why this team can’t be 8-4. Then again, the Bobcats have a few tough games remaining — on the road at McNeese State, home against Northwestern State and then the season finale against Sam Houston State.

  3. Andrew

    What can we expect from Nicholls?

    • Like Texas State, Nicholls State runs a lot of option plays out of the spread. The Colonels might try to air it out a bit, depending on which quarterback plays. Right now Nicholls hasn’t had much success with LaQuintin Caston, so it might try to roll with Beaux Hebert. Defensively, the Colonels run a 50, which will put a bit more pressure on the offensive line to finish its blocks. Nicholls has a decent secondary, so Rutherford will need to be sound in the passing game.

  4. Chris Parker

    1.)How do you think we will fare at the homecoming game? We are making the annual trip down.
    2.) Does the opposition double team anyone on our defense? If not, do you know of anyone that might be coming that could command that from opponents?
    3.) The horns are able to switch quarterbacks left and right. Is it more of planning/practice or simply the players themselves?

    Keep the great work up!

    • 1. Homecoming for Texas State isn’t for a few more weeks, so it’s a bit difficult to gauge, but the Bobcats should fare better than last year’s abomination.

      2. Sophomore defensive lineman Deshun Williams has seen the most double teams this season and for good reason. Williams is ridiculously strong in the trenches and gets a good push off the ball. Opponents have also tried to attack redshirt freshman cornerback Craig Mager, but Mager has held his own.

      3. Those quarterbacks Texas has have been recruited into the system. Only one quarterback for Texas State can say the same (Shaun Rutherford). Sophomore Tyler Arndt was a prototypical quarterback for Brad Wright’s system, but isn’t the type of athlete for Franchione’s.

  5. Abe

    Any concers w/Kenney being injured? Will Nichols be able to capitalize on that and put more pressure on Rutherford, ie forcing him to tuck and run more, make quick throws, etc.

    • spkenney

      My son says he expects to be back in 2-3 weeks. In the meantime root for Tuttle. He is doing a good job.

    • Of course there should be concerns when a first-string center (who is a three-year starter) gets hurt and will miss a few weeks, but Franchione told me yesterday that Tuttle (a local product from Wimberley High, a Class 3A school) had been nipping at Kenney’s heels the entire season. Unless Nicholls State sends every blitz up the middle, Kenney’s absence shouldn’t hurt the Bobcats too much.

  6. Fan4life1

    Haven’t seen much of David Lewis this year? Why isn’t he playing this year. I have seen Lewis blocking and agressiveness on the field. I’m sure he’s probably if not the best blocker at the TE position he is a close second. It seems to me that they are showing alot of favoritism to the Blinn College transfers. Just my opinion.

    • Lewis played a lot in the first game against Texas Tech, but both Kyle Doll and Chase Harper leapfrogged him in the depth chart. I’d expect to see him haul in a few receptions and block again, but he’s the No. 3 TE now.

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