College Football: Quotes From Tuesday’s Press Conference (Wyoming/Tarleton Edition)

  • “We played better in some areas [against Wyoming], but not as good across the board in improvement than I would have hoped from Week 1 to Week 2,” Head coach Dennis Franchione said.
  • “We certainly experienced what WAC travel will be like last weekend, getting in at 3 o’clock in the morning,” Franchione said. “That was a day game, so it gives us a little bit of a glimpse of what’s ahead.”
  • “This is going to be a process getting more people game experience,” Franchione said. “A lot of these guys haven’t had it yet and we’ve played up and hung with them pretty good for a long time, but we haven’t put two halves together yet.”
  • “We’ve been outplayed in the second half,” Franchione said. “It’s somewhat different circumstances — we turned the ball over against Texas Tech and Saturday we had a problem with three-and-outs. We caved in a bit defensively when that continued to happen.”
  • “You always analyze the situation at quarterback and you try to play the strengths and identify things,” Franchione said. “We’re in the process of saying, ‘OK, where are we at with that? Somebody step forward. Somebody show us that they are the guy.’ Until we really get to that point, we’re going to play two and there are growing pains with that.”

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  1. fan4life1

    Well, they are the coaches and they know who has been that guy thus far. So be a man and make the selection. When the starter is not producing then sub in the back up and see if he can be the man that can lead the team. A QB can’t get comfortable and in his rythm being rotated in and out of the game. Make a decision on the QB and work on passing cause right now T-State is one demensional, run, run, run!!! They won’t keep Tyler and maybe other players around much longer with that type of offense.

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