College Football: A preview of how Mayforth voted this week in TSN’s Top 25 Poll

Had to move a lot of teams around in the Top 25 with some of the results. Here is the Top 5…

1. James Madison — The Dukes deserve recognition
2. App State — A powerhouse in the FCS
3. ‘Nova — Wasn’t impressed with them this week
4. Jacksonville State — The Gamecocks aren’t slowing down
5. Delaware — Stringing together solid win after win

Check back in later for the rest.


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6 responses to “College Football: A preview of how Mayforth voted this week in TSN’s Top 25 Poll

  1. Why did Delaware jump SFA?

  2. @Anonymous – Took a deeper look at both teams' body of work and decided Delaware had a tougher run. The Blue Hens decisively knocked off two Top 10 teams while the Lumberjacks only took down one Top 25 team in Northern Iowa.

  3. @Anonymous – While I am an alumnus, I stay as unbiased as possible. Like I said before, Delaware beat then-No. 9 South Dakota State and then-No. 5 Richmond by a combined 44 points while Stephen F. Austin have really only played then-No. 14 Northern Iowa.

  4. Okay, I'm sorry man but you continue to prove you really don't know what you're doing here. The Jags? Jacksonville State, which is not the same Jacksonville that is home to the Jaguars in the NFL, are the Gamecocks.And your poll is still not very good. Richmond? SIU? How long are you going to hold onto last season in your poll?The TSN poll isn't very highly respected these days, and polls like this don't help.

  5. @Anonymous — Thanks for pointing out my error in Jacksonville State's mascot. My mind must have been on the NFL when I thought of them.

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