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College Football: All the buzz at Media Day is about QB play

Here’s the story from today’s Daily Record about the 2010 Southland Conference Football Media Day. It turns out a lot of teams are out looking for a quarterback, like Texas State.

Lake Charles, La. — Texas State head coach Brad Wright looked at wits’ end after the morning session of the 2010 Southland Conference Football Media Day.

Wright, as well as eight other SLC head coaches and 18 players (including Bobcats linebacker Marcus Clark and wide receiver Da’Marcus Griggs) met a small gathering of media members during the 2010 SLC Football Media Day.

For the better of four hours, the SLC coaches answered the same question, albeit worded differently and from new interrogators.

With the exception of Stephen F. Austin head coach J.C. Harper, Wright and seven other head coaches could have played volleyball around the room with the biggest inquiry.

“More than anything, there are a bunch of us in the same boat as far as looking for a quarterback,” Wright said while rocking back in his chair. “I’ve been asked about 20 times what our quarterback situation is and during lulls, I hear pretty much every other coach answering it too, but in their own words.”

You can read the rest here.

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High School/College Football: Q&A with three future Bobcats (VIDEO)

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College Football: Three Texas State recruits at the THSCA All-Star Game

Here is Randy Stevens’ story from Tuesday’s Daily Record.

Originally, I opened up the floor for questions to incoming QB Tyler Arndt, but if you have any questions you’d like answered by the other two (Charlie Will Tuttle or Deshun Williams), I’d be happy to pick the best ones and ask them.

Leave the questions in the comment section below and answers should be up tonight or tomorrow.

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College Football: The reason behind Dews’ transfer

Here is the letter (cleaned up for grammatical accuracy) sent from the Dews family to Texas State head coach Brad Wright, wide receivers coach Kevin Brown and athletic director Dr. Larry Teis as well as the Daily Record.

Wright had no comment about the situation when asked. Sources within the program denied these accusations.

To Coach Wright, the Head Football Coach at Texas State University:

I, Ralston Dews, will not return to Texas State in the fall of 2010. I plan to attend Tyler Junior College for one semester, and in December 2010, I plan to be recruited at the D-1 [FBS] level.

Coach Wright, I love Texas State but the coaching staff does not stand behind their players.

When SMU left me out in the cold, my dad stood behind me, when I needed the coaching staff to help me, no one was there.

Coach, back in May after my finals, I had a 58 on one final, I needed a 60 that would get me over the top. My instructor said to have one of the coaches to come see him and then he would help me, because I am an ODS [Office of Disability Services] student. But the coaching staff only said there is nothing we could do.

So I got an F.

I needed 18 credits, the F gave me a negative credit and when [Texas State Assistant Athletic Director of the Athletic Academic Center] Dave [Flores] failed to drop a class for me that gave me another negative credit.

Dave [Flores] instructed me to go to Tyler Junior College [for summer school]. The same class I failed at Texas State, I got a B at TJC.

Coach Wright, I did every thing you and the staff asked of me. I worked hard all year looking forward to being the starting nose tackle for Texas State in the fall.

Coach Wright, when Dave [Flores] gave me the news that I would not play football in the fall, this was a great disappointment for me. Coach, as of today, you still haven’t called me.

My dad is the only person who has my back.

Coach Wright, when you told the team, “If you would like to go to the N.F.L., well, you are at the wrong school.” Now I believe that.

I would like to get my degree and someday have a chance to play in the N.F.L. This is my dream.

Thank you for everything,

Ralston Dews


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College Football: Dews to transfer

Just received word Texas State nose tackle Ralston Dews will be transferring out of the program. Dews will play for Tyler Junior College in the fall.

“I, Ralston Dews, will not return to Texas State in the fall of 2010,” Dews wrote in a letter to Texas State head coach Brad Wright. “I plan to attend Tyler Junior College for one semester and in December, plan to be recruited at the D-1 level.”

Will update as more information is known.


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