College Football: Possible RB transfer to Texas State?

Got a few e-mails regarding a possible transfer to Texas State from the United State Naval Academy.

Marcus Curry, who was a standout slotback for the Midshipmen, recently left the USNA and declared his intent to transfer to Texas State (according to this report on

Curry appeared in 11 games for Navy in 2009, rushing 80 times for 585 yards and five touchdowns. He was the team’s leading receiver, catching 10 passes for 287 yards and three touchdowns.

There are a few contradicting reports out about why Curry left the Midshipmen. According to one, Curry was kicked off the team after failing to comply with school rules. According to another, Curry left on his own accord.

Keep checking back for more as the situation unfolds.


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3 responses to “College Football: Possible RB transfer to Texas State?

  1. A great replacement for Mishak Rivas. This guy should be able to make an impact right away.

  2. There are no conflict in the report. Marcus Curry left Navy because the Navy coach kicked him off the team. He was kicked off the because he had a record of academic, honor code and conduct infractions that just could not be overlooked. WHile it is true he technically quit on his own, he was already on shaky ground and was not going to play football either. Navy holds ALL of its students to high standards. That's why more than 95% of its athletes graduate.

  3. He might be good for the team on the field, but thats about it. He is unreliable, a compulsive liar, and will do whatever possible to be sure he gets what HE wants. He only left the academy because he was kicked off the team for thinking he was above the rules and could get away with anything (but got caught too many times), proving yet again he only wants to play football. Good luck with him! We're glad to be rid of him!

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