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College Football: Texas State holds its 2010 Pro Day (VIDEO)

  • Only one scout (Houston Texans) showed up to put the Bobcats through a variety of drills. Word had it that Oklahoma State wide receiver Dez Bryant surprised many by holding his workout a week early in Lufkin, which pulled any scouts ready to watch Texas State 250 miles away.
  • Former Texas State quarterback Bradley George set the best marks of the day with his times in the “L” and Pro-Agility drill. George also posted a workout-leading 31.5-inch vertical jump.
  • Former Texas State tight end Kyle Anderson impressed the scout with his soft hands and speed. While Anderson couldn’t bench press due to a bone spur in his shoulder, he ran the best time in the 40-yard dash (4.78) and posted the second-best vertical (31 inches).
  • The Bobcats will hold a second Pro Day next week for the 2011 senior class.

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College Football: First video from pro day (Garrett Hood)

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In case you missed some of our stories recently…

San Marcos — Teenagers and young adults don’t like waking up early on weekends. If they had their way, they’d sleep until the afternoon, get up, eat dinner and then begin their night.

Football players don’t have that luxury — especially at Texas State.

Saturday morning, while most of their fellow classmates were asleep, the Bobcats took to the turf at Bobcat Stadium for their final spring scrimmage.

“We got used to practicing in the mornings last year, but it’s always different waking up in the morning and coming out hitting,” Texas State linebacker Bryan Iwuji said. “After you go through your warm-ups and individual drills, you’re ready to go.”

San Marcos — Something was wrong with Kyle Kubitza.

His swing didn’t just have a hitch, it looked as if a bungee cord was wrapped around his bat and attached to the backstop.

Kubitza wasn’t getting the necessary torque from his body to uncoil on the swing and his average dipped. In 12 non-conference games, he hit a meager .208 with no home runs and six runs batted in.

So the coaching staff recently went back to the drawing board with Kubitza and tried to figure out the culprit.

“We wanted to change a little bit about his launch position to get him into a better position to hit the ball,” Texas State head coach Ty Harrington said. “You could be the smartest coach in the world, but if the kids don’t take the information, then you have nothing to show for it. Kyle’s coachable and has made us look good.”

San Marcos — Since Doug Davalos assumed the position of head coach of Texas State, the Bobcats have been on a steady rise in the Southland Conference.

Davalos took over a team that went 3-24 in 2004-05 under Dennis Nutt. The program wasn’t only in trouble on the court, but off of it, as grades plummeted and NCAA sanctions were on its way.

Texas State turned it around the next season, tripling its win total (nine) and slowly crept its way out of academic probation. The Bobcats finished one game out of the SLC tournament in 2007-08, but have made back-to-back trips to Katy in each of the last two seasons.

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College Football: Notes from the final spring scrimmage and video

  • The Bobcats’ defense really came out to play Saturday morning. Not only did it hit hard, but the intensity was easily double what it was during the Maroon vs Gold scrimmage.
  • Texas State’s linebackers and defensive backs looked the best they have in two years. Bryan Iwuji led the linebackers with several big stops (including a goal-line stuff of Frank Reddic) while Derek Lopez and Mario Wiggins, Jr. batted weak passes away.
  • The offense only managed to score four touchdowns, three on runs by second-string quarterback Bryan Hill.
  • Hill looked the best out of the trio of quarterbacks. Tim Hawkins and Eric Soza battled misreads and overthrows. Hawkins and Soza were lucky several interceptions were dropped.
  • Play of the Day: Frank Reddic absolutely demolished a defensive back en route to a touchdown on a screen pass. You can see the video here.

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College Football: Reddic brings the pain (VIDEO)



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College Football: A conversation with Brad Wright

Sat down with Bobcats head football coach Brad Wright yesterday to talk about spring practice, quarterback play and his opinion on the 2010 schedule.

Wright on the Maroon vs. Gold scrimmage: “Quarterbacks came out and played the best that they played. Our defense had a bunch of hustle and a bunch of hitting, but they lacked that intensity — that definitely needs to change.

Wright on the play of the quarterbacks during the Maroon vs. Gold scrimmage: “We’re a long way from being a good football team with our quarterbacks. What they did do was manage the offense, with exception of the last play of the game (an interception). They took decent care of the football and got the ball to where it needed to be. They played into our strengths, which was putting it in the hands of the wide receivers.”

Wright on what Tim Hawkins needs to improve to become a better quarterback: “Tim needs to learn to use his running ability better instead of sitting back and thinking ‘I have to make the throws.’ He doesn’t use his speed enough. Tim’s got to get the mental part down, especially in the passing game. There are four or five routes being run and he has to know what looks good against what coverage shows up on that play.”

Wright on what Eric Soza needs to improve to become a better quarterback: “Eric needs to learn the playbook. In the fall, he was running the scout team offense. He was running the opposing team’s offense. He has to learn a whole new offense and he’s done a good job of it so far.”

Wright on when he expects the quarterbacks to be completely ready: “We have two more practices, fall camp, four non-conference games and then hopefully by then, they’ll have it down.”

Wright on any surprises so far during spring practice: “I’m the happiest right now, if he continues to progress, about Ralston Dews. If he keeps at it, he’s going to be a force. On offense, Dexter’s done a good job of running downhill and we have to get him running behind his shoulder pads a little better. I’ve been excited about him.”

Wright on the 2010 schedule: “You know, it’s nice to not play one game, have an off week and then have to play 10 in a row. We’re going to play some teams we haven’t seen or played in a while, so it should be a challenge.”

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Special Edition: Bobcat Live Chat (7 pm)

Tonight, we’ll be talking about Texas State football, baseball, basketball and softball. Tons of news about spring practice as well as other Bobcat-related information. Check us out at 7 p.m.

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College Basketball: Q&A with Texas State head coach Doug Davalos (Part 1)

Sat down with Texas State head men’s basketball coach Doug Davalos yesterday and wrapped up the 2009-10 season.

The Bobcats finished the season with three consecutive wins to attain the No. 5 seed in the Southland Conference tournament. Texas State didn’t fare well in Katy, falling in the first round after holding a double-digit lead at halftime, for the second consecutive season.

For part two of the interview, check out Sunday’s edition of the San Marcos Daily Record.

Q: Were you surprised at how well Sam Houston State played Baylor in the first round of the NCAA Tournament?

A: I was surprised they didn’t make shots. I’ve sat and watched that happen to our program and those guys — Ashton Mitchell and Corey Allmond, specifically — all year long had knocked down shots. I don’t know what it was but they were like 5 for 30. If they were 10 for 30, they would have won the game. They represented our conference very well, but I really think they had a good enough team to win a couple games.

Q: What is it about the NCAA Tournament that allows certain teams to pull off major upsets (Northern Iowa, Cornell, Ohio, etc.)?

A: It’s not like you line up a 5-foot-11, 240-pound offensive lineman is going to beat up on a 300-pound lineman every game. He’s not going to get this inner strength and blow him off the line. Football is a different monster. You don’t have guys that run a 4.7 40-yard dash aren’t going to be able to catch guys who run a 4.3 40. The great thing about basketball is that any night you can have someone step up. Sometimes a little guy, because of the 3-point line, nobody is out of games.

Q: Speaking of tournaments, have you watched the game tape from your team’s first-round loss in the SLC tournament?

A: I went back and watched some of the game. I still haven’t been able to watch the whole thing. I will watch it at some point, but I don’t want to watch it right now. I watch every game a day after, but this one, I’m not getting ready for another game and there’s no point beside making me feel like crap.

Q: What are your impressions of Reid Koenen (a 6-foot, 7-inch forward from Racine, Wisc., who is the first signing of 2010 recruiting class)?

A: He’s a really good shooter. He reminds me a little bit in the way he plays of (Texas-San Antonio guard) Melvin Johnson. He’s a tall shooter with guard skills. He’s a good academic kid. We have to get him stronger but he’s going to be a good player for us.

Q: There have been some questions as to the academic standing of AJ Stewart and Eddie Rios. Can you offer an update to their status and are you worried about any other players?

A: They’re both going to school. I don’t have a status for you until the semester is over. They’re here, but their situation is going to be determined by how they finish out the semester. We totally have AJ worrying about academics right now. That started at the beginning of this semester. His total semester was to focus on academics and everything else doesn’t matter unless he takes care of his academics. The people I’m not worried about are those guys who have gone past the eligibility portion and are working towards their degree, like John Rybak, Jonathan Sloan and Ryan White. In the sport of men’s basketball, every spring, there’s going to be some guys who have to pick it up. Hopefully it’s one or two, but sometimes it’s four or five. That’s just the nature of the game and in fairness to our guys, they miss a lot of school for basketball-related activities.


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College Softball: The anatomy of redemption

Texas State head coach Ricci Woodard had no other option in her team’s game against McNeese State. Woodard didn’t want to pull Leah Boatright, a senior, from the game, but needed to make a change.

Boatright was hurting the team — there was no other way around it. In her previous 25 at-bats, Boatright held a .200 batting average and struck out more times (six) than she collected hits (five).

And Boatright knew she wasn’t putting her team in the best position to win.

“I wasn’t surprised (that I got benched) because I had been struggling and not having quality at-bats,” Boatright said.

If Boatright were to get back into the lineup, she’d need to make some changes.

Teams were pitching Boatright outside and she wasn’t adjusting well enough. When Boatright tried to inch closer to the plate, opponents sawed her off.

So with some extra work with Woodard in the cages, Boatright regained confidence in herself and her swing. When Boatright requested to be put back in the lineup, Woodard obliged, but wanted to see progress from the senior right fielder.

Woodard also wanted to let Boatright knew how important she was to the club.

“I told her that if we’re going to win the Southland Conference, we’re going to need to have Leah Boatright’s bat in the lineup,” Woodard said. “I took her out of the lineup against McNeese and it really caught her attention.”

Boatright answered the call and has been setting the world on fire in her last four games (6-for-10, three home runs and 13 runs batted in).

She belted two home runs Wednesday night against No. 15 Texas, including the game winner, a three-run shot in the seventh inning.

Boatright now has 20 career home runs, which moved her into fourth place in the record books. If Boatright sends four more balls over the fence in 2010, she’ll sit in second, five home runs behind Katie Ann Trahan (29).

It wasn’t the first time Woodard pulled Boatright from the lineup to get her attention.

“As a sophomore, I did the same thing to her and she came in to see me and she came back out and lit it back up,” Woodard said. “It was a battle for her, but I think it was more of a challenge to get her going again.”

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High School Baseball: An interview with Texas State-bound Blake Bagley

Blake Bagley, who signed to play for Texas State in 2011, pitched Tuesday night against Lehman for San Marcos High. Bagley didn’t allow a hit in two innings and struck out three.

The Rattlers didn’t need Bagley too much, as they posted an 18-1 win over the Lobos.

Here’s what Bagley (at right) had to say about his choice to attend Texas State and his thoughts on the rest of his high school baseball career.

Bagley on why he chose Texas State: “It seemed like they liked me a lot. I felt really good when I went on the visit. I love what they’re doing there and I felt at home.”

Bagley on how many other school were seeking his services: “I had a few others, but I felt like Texas State was the right choice for me.”

Bagley on what he’s working on during his senior year to become a better pitcher: “I’m trying to get tougher mentally. I used to worry about how many hits an opponent got off me, but while I still want to limit them the best I can, they don’t get to me as much.”

Bagley on what he feels his biggest strength is: “I play the game the right way. I hustle every play and make sure I give my all every game. I feel my teammates and coaches deserve the best.”

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