Notes from Texas State’s second scrimmage

  • Texas State’s first-team offense didn’t get many reps, as the second and third teams moved the ball well enough to stay on the field against the respective defenses.
  • The Bobcats looked good on defense, with bandit Travis Houston and cornerback Will Thompson making big plays. Thompson delivered a huge hit on the far sideline early in the scrimmage.
  • The battle for center (Jason Hannan and Stephen Kenney) and cornerback (Derek Lopez and Darryl Morris) continued.
  • Hannan looked good with the first-team offense, while Kenney did his job with the second team. Neither were pushed too hard by opposing nose guards, but neither Garrett Hood or Ralston Dews broke into the backfield.
  • Morris dropped a sure interception on the near side of the field after Da’Marcus Griggs bobbled a pass.
  • Cedric Alexander reeled in a 50-yard touchdown pass late in the scrimmage after a nifty catch-and-run. He caught the ball across the middle and broke free down the right sideline and into the end zone.
  • Ryan Batchelor booted three field goals, including a 49-yard rainmaker. Justin Garelick missed the same kick short and put an extra point off the uprights.

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One response to “Notes from Texas State’s second scrimmage

  1. Kenney and Hannan were both rotating amoung the 1s, 2s, and 3s. Haese got in one series with the 3s but mostly played #2 RG. IMHO there is not enough physical or techincal difference between Hannan and Kenney to make the decision easy. The decision may boil down to intangibles. Coaches have a good problem here. O-Line is looking very good.

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