Questions for Brad Wright following this game…

I will be taking one or two questions for Texas State head coach Brad Wright following this game from the readers. Please, keep them respectful and insightful. Post them in the comment section and we’ll go from there. Thanks.

“I knew right after pregame warm-ups that we weren’t ready to play. You can get the feeling aout how guys are and I told Coach (Travis) Bush and tried to get them to understand they need to wake up and get after it.”
“I guess ultimately, it’s my fault as a head coach for having a poorly prepared football team on the field. That’s basically the bottom line. I didn’t impress these young men enough with the fact that we’re about to play a very good football team. I failed them. I failed this university. I need to get better at what I do.”

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One response to “Questions for Brad Wright following this game…

  1. Why does the team show an inability to make adjustments during the game?Did the secondary have the same bad technique in fundamental coverage when they were in high school? If so why hasn’t it been corrected or why did these guys get recruited?

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