Does Texas State have a QB controversy?

We all know Texas State head coach Brad Wright likes to use a two-QB system. Last season, Bradley George and Clint Toon split time, and while it didn’t transfer to many wins, it kept both players fresh.

Should the two QBs split time this season?

Against Angelo State, George didn’t look good, to put it nicely. He threw as many interceptions (two) as he did completed passes. Granted, the Bobcats ran the ball a lot before halftime, but out of nine passes, at least half should be completed, judging on his past success.

Neither George or Toon differentiated themselves in the first half. At the start of the third quarter, George was on the bench and Toon took the reigns. After a mediocre quarter, Toon led Texas State to two scores in the final period, the last, clinched the game.

“We’re going to look at the film,” Wright said, when asked if George is still his starter. “Obviously, you guys (the press) can sit out there and say ‘Clint Toon should be the starting quarterback and right now,’ I’m going to sit here this evening and say right now, he looks like he should be the starting quarterback. But there may be a lot of things he still did wrong too. We may still be at ground zero and we don’t have a quarterback. I don’t know.”

Who should be starting next week against Southern Methodist? Discuss.


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2 responses to “Does Texas State have a QB controversy?

  1. I still think Brad George should be the starter. But if he plays like he did yesterday…

  2. Bring in the new Arkansas transfer

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