Is NOW the time to win?

When I spoke with Dr. Larry Teis, athletic director at Texas State about the state of the Bobcat athletic department, earlier this summer, two things he said jumped out at me.

One: “We need to win (this year). I told our coaches this specifically, especially our key coaches and they know it. It’s me, it’s them, it’s all of us. We’re doing a capital campaign and one of the big things to take a capital campaign to the next level is to win. It’s no secret, I’ve sat down with Doug (Davalos) and Brad (Wright) and told them ‘We need to do this and we need to do this together.’ I’ll do everything I can within budget and within my power, because I hired both of them. I believe in them. We’re carrying the torch for the entire university. That’s the position we’re in.”

Two: “The goal is for football to get to the playoffs every year. This year we’re hoping to get to the playoffs and make it a few rounds and see where we end up. Basketball, we probably let that program get down too low, to three wins. But we’ve gone from three to nine to thirteen. That’s progress.”

Both comments have an underlying theme. NOW is the time to win at Texas State. As fans, do you agree with the statements Dr. Teis made?

What if football and basketball don’t live up to expectations and improve this year? What changes need to be made to assure success?



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2 responses to “Is NOW the time to win?

  1. Establishing athletic programs that are respected by the public, and other universities, means winning. Making the university and its athletic programs attractive to potential FBS conferences means winning. “Perception is reality.” It begins Saturday August 30, @6:00pm.

  2. Completely agree with you anon. Perception is reality, whether people want to accept it or not. The true “Drive” begins in two days.

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