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Does Texas State have a QB controversy?

We all know Texas State head coach Brad Wright likes to use a two-QB system. Last season, Bradley George and Clint Toon split time, and while it didn’t transfer to many wins, it kept both players fresh.

Should the two QBs split time this season?

Against Angelo State, George didn’t look good, to put it nicely. He threw as many interceptions (two) as he did completed passes. Granted, the Bobcats ran the ball a lot before halftime, but out of nine passes, at least half should be completed, judging on his past success.

Neither George or Toon differentiated themselves in the first half. At the start of the third quarter, George was on the bench and Toon took the reigns. After a mediocre quarter, Toon led Texas State to two scores in the final period, the last, clinched the game.

“We’re going to look at the film,” Wright said, when asked if George is still his starter. “Obviously, you guys (the press) can sit out there and say ‘Clint Toon should be the starting quarterback and right now,’ I’m going to sit here this evening and say right now, he looks like he should be the starting quarterback. But there may be a lot of things he still did wrong too. We may still be at ground zero and we don’t have a quarterback. I don’t know.”

Who should be starting next week against Southern Methodist? Discuss.


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Live fron Bobcat Stadium (SECOND HALF)!

  • Both teams are on the field, TIED AT 7. Angelo State gets the ball.
  • Rams open up with a 33-yard pass.
  • ASU completes a 20-yard pass on 4th-and-10.
  • Texas State pass defense returning to its old form. Neiswander has 53 yards passing in 2nd half, already.
  • TOUCHDOWN! Neiswander 4-yard pass to Nate Bayless, who made a great catch inches from the turf. 14-7 ASU (10:49 left in the 3rd quarter).
  • Dr. Larry Teis is looking pretty uncomfortable sitting in the press box. He schedules some tough Division II teams.
  • Texas State escaped a bullet on third-and-6. Neiswander barely missed Sam Tindol streaking up the middle of the field. Could’ve gone for a touchdown if the ball was there.
  • Clint Toon’s legs are saving the Bobcat offense. He’s saved several plays so far in the second half with his ability to scramble. George might have been benched.
  • TOUCHDOWN! Toon 4-yard touchdown pass to Mishak Rivas in the corner of the end zone. 14-14 TIE.
  • Texas State keeps dodging bullets. Another missed FG by ASU. Still 14-14.
  • Re: Texas State dodging bullets. ASU pass interference gives Bobcats first down with 8:50 to go. Would have been 4th-and-5.
  • Angelo State plays the tip drill, interception. Ram ball 19-yard line, 7:55 left in the 4th.
  • Ram kicker Ryan Smith nails a trifecta of missed FGs; hits the upright, wide right and wide left.
  • TOUCHDOWN. Blake Burton 1-yard run. 21-14 Texas State.
  • Telling quote postgame “We didn’t play to win, we played not to lose,” Texas State head coach Brad Wright.

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Live from Bobcat Stadium (FIRST HALF)!

  • It’s a hot one out here at Bobcat Stadium with the temperature hovering right around 97 degrees at 5:20 p.m. Both teams are on the field and look ready to begin. Just 38 minutes until the 2008 season kicks off.
  • Five minutes to go until kickoff and the turn-out on the student side is far more than on the “Dark Side.”
  • Texas State wins the toss and decides to receive. We get to see early what the offense can do.
  • Even though it’s early in the game (12:33 left in the first), the Bobcats are moving the ball easily on the ground.
  • TOUCHDOWN! Bradley George to Cameron Luke for an 8-yard touchdown pass. The only completed pass on the drive (George only attempted two). 7-0 Texas State, 10:18 left, 1st quarter.
  • Bobcat defense forced a turnover on its the Rams’ first drive. Marcus Clark sack and forced fumble, Donovan King recovery.
  • Texas State turns it right back over as Bradley George telegraphs a pass into the hands of Jordan Cortez. It’s Cortez’s first interception in THREE years.
  • George was injured on the interception return (George warming up on the sideline, seems to be fine).
  • Angelo State puts a good drive together, but a FG attempt bounces off the left upright. Still 7-0 Texas State.
  • Simple flare passes, either to RBs or TEs confusing Bobcat defense.
  • TOUCHDOWN! Josh Neiswander to Drew Peterson for an 1-yard score. Tied up 7-7, 0:15 left until half.
  • George picked again by Angelo State, second interception of the day, this time by Pete Parker.

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Look for tomorrow’s live blog from Bobcat Stadium

This site is going to be updated frequently with information, scores and tidbits from Bobcat Stadium during the Texas State – Angelo State game.  Be sure to check us out.

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In 2008, the Texas State football team will…

Match the following answers with the person who said it (Answers will be given tomorrow):

1 – “…prepare one game at a time and win one at a time. That’s the only way we can do it.”
2 – “…take each game one at a time and hopefully compete in the Southland Conference.”
3 – “…be vastly improved from last year. We’re going to be definitely be taking that first step to becoming the new Texas State.”

A – Stan Zwinggi
B – Will Thompson
C – Brad Wright

Finish the statement yourself in the comment section. In 2008, the Texas State football team will…

ANSWERS: 1-C, 2-A, 3-B

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Observations from practice 8/27…

  • Texas State began running scout team drills for the Angelo State game.
  • Jamal Williams is back on the field as his injury was deemed less than serious. His right ring finger is splinted, but otherwise, he looks fine.
  • Williams did look timid on several plays, but due to his hand injury, how can you blame him?
  • The second team offensive line didn’t look good at all today. They were out of position and allowed the nose tackle into the backfield on every play, especially during OL/DL drills.
  • Mishak Rivas should be recipient of several misdirection plays this season.
  • Rivas’ speed around the end should be a force to be reckoned with this fall.
  • Bradley George was picked off by a walk-on freshman during passing drills.
  • You’ve heard of players vomiting, but today, a Texas State coach lost his lunch on the sideline between drills.

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Now opening up the Bobcat Mailbag

In order to bring you, our readers closer to the action, the Daily Record is opening up the “Bobcat Mailbag.” We ask you, the readers, to send in questions to be asked to the Bobcat coach or player of your choice. Each week, we will pick three questions out of the mix and run them in our print edition. They will also be posted online. You can e-mail them to Tyler Mayforth or post them right here on the blog.

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Is NOW the time to win?

When I spoke with Dr. Larry Teis, athletic director at Texas State about the state of the Bobcat athletic department, earlier this summer, two things he said jumped out at me.

One: “We need to win (this year). I told our coaches this specifically, especially our key coaches and they know it. It’s me, it’s them, it’s all of us. We’re doing a capital campaign and one of the big things to take a capital campaign to the next level is to win. It’s no secret, I’ve sat down with Doug (Davalos) and Brad (Wright) and told them ‘We need to do this and we need to do this together.’ I’ll do everything I can within budget and within my power, because I hired both of them. I believe in them. We’re carrying the torch for the entire university. That’s the position we’re in.”

Two: “The goal is for football to get to the playoffs every year. This year we’re hoping to get to the playoffs and make it a few rounds and see where we end up. Basketball, we probably let that program get down too low, to three wins. But we’ve gone from three to nine to thirteen. That’s progress.”

Both comments have an underlying theme. NOW is the time to win at Texas State. As fans, do you agree with the statements Dr. Teis made?

What if football and basketball don’t live up to expectations and improve this year? What changes need to be made to assure success?



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Check out the Texas State football preview…

Two stories on the Bobcats in this Sunday’s Daily Record. One is a preview, breaking down the offense and defense, the other is a feature on Bradley George. Take a look.

Defense and mental toughness.

Those are the two areas in which the Texas State football team needed to improve according to head coach Brad Wright. After last season’s 4-7 campaign, the Bobcats needed a change and they needed it fast.

Texas State’s defense in 2007 was near the bottom in the Southland Conference. The Bobcats allowed 37.6 points per game, while only scoring 28.1. Offensively, Texas State was putting up the points to win, but the defense wasn’t doing its job.

“It was getting real irritating,” Bobcat running back Karrington Bush said. “We’d score and then the defense would give up another touchdown, so we’d keep having to put points on the board to stay ahead.”

Games would become glorified track meets, with points interchanged for times and meters with yards. Texas State lost many of the races before it began simply because its defense couldn’t stop the bleeding.

Read more here.

Bradley George has tenure.

That’s the polite way of saying the Texas State quarterback is old. George remembers graduating high school in 2000, playing catch with King Tut and trading notes with Socrates.

All right, only one of those statements is true about the 26-year-old, but his life goes in cycles.

Seven years ago, the Cincinnati Reds took George in the 12th round of the MLB amateur entry draft. After a stellar career at New Braunfels-Canyon, George signed with Cincinnati in hopes of reaching the majors.

“I gave myself about a four or five-year window, if I was going to make it in the big leagues, or getting close to it anyway” George said.

Read more here.

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Jamal Williams likely done for year

Texas State’s secondary took a huge hit and the season hasn’t even started yet. The Bobcats, already lacking at safety, learned they might be without Jamal Williams for the year.

“It’s a shame,” Texas State head coach Brad Wright said. “He was the one that was probably doing the best job out of the four guys.”

Williams was injured in practice late this week with an undisclosed injury and was dressed in his jersey and shorts during practice on Thursday. If Williams is lost for the season, it means T.P. Miller and Matt Schumann will need to step up.

Wright has been noted to have questions about his safeties since the beginning of fall camp, so this isn’t good for the secondary. With the season opener only seven days away, Miller and Schumann will need to pick it up quickly.


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