1998 Ford F150 Texas Sport Decals

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If you are a vinyl graphic car enthusiast from Texas, then you will definitely want to consider adding these Sport Decals to your collection. This product is specifically designed for the 1998 Ford F150, and it is important to note that the product description does indicate that you need to have a rear window in order to properly display the decal. The Decal is 6″x60″, and it is available in both white and black.

What are the Texas Sport Decals?

The 1998 Ford F150 Texas Sport Decals are a set of decals that were released by Ford in 1998. The decals were available in two different styles, and each style included a set of four decals. The decals were designed to add a unique look to the truck, and they were intended to be used by people who lived in Texas.

How to install the Texas Sport Decals?

To install the Texas Sport Decals, you’ll need to follow these steps:

1. Clean the area where the decal will be placed with a mild soap and water solution. This will help ensure that the decal sticks properly.

2. Carefully remove the backing from the decal. If the decal is large, it may be helpful to cut it into smaller pieces before removing the backing.

3. Apply the decal to the desired area, starting at one corner and working your way out. Use a credit card or other flat object to smooth out any bubbles or wrinkles.

4. Allow the decal to dry for 24-48 hours before washing or exposing it to elements such as rain or snow.

What are the benefits of the Texas Sport Decals?

The 1998 Ford F150 Texas Sport Decals offer a unique way to customize the look of your vehicle. These decals are designed to resemble the official state flag of Texas, and they add a touch of personality and style to any vehicle. In addition to their good looks, the Texas Sport Decals also offer a number of benefits.

Some of the benefits of the Texas Sport Decals include:
-They are easy to apply and remove, so you can change the look of your vehicle whenever you want.
-They are made from high-quality materials that will last for years.
-They are fade resistant, so they will continue to look good even after exposure to sunlight and other elements.
-They are available in a variety of colors, so you can choose the perfect look for your vehicle.


After reviewing the options for 1998 Ford F150 Texas Sport Decals, we have come to the conclusion that there are a few that stand out from the rest. We like the DecalJunky option for its broad selection and easy-to-use website. For a more specialized look, we suggest the Goofy Grafics option. And for those who want a really unique decal, the Etsy option is definitely worth checking out.

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