College Football: Practice Report (August 14)

It was a beautiful day Sunday for media day.

It was a beautiful day Sunday for media day (Photo by Tyler Mayforth).

Doesn’t Bobcat Stadium look peaceful? It won’t be for long.

Just 24 days remain before Texas State welcomes Prairie View A&M in the 2013 home opener. That, however, is one week after the Bobcats get things underway Aug. 31 at Southern Mississippi.

On Wednesday, Texas State continued its fall grind with one practice after Tuesday’s two-a-day workout.

    • During 11-on-11 drills, the Bobcats worked a lot on third downs. It allowed the offense and defense to each get a look at situations in which they needed to improve. Last year Texas State’s offense only converted 39 percent of its third downs (72nd in the nation), while its defense allowed opponents to gain a first down 46 percent of the time (106th in the nation).
    • While the defense held strong on third down, they weren’t as solid against hard counts. Defensive linemen jumped a handful of times and were reprimanded by the coaching staff after each one.
    • Senior quarterback Tyler Arndt had the best day out of the quarterbacks. You can tell Arndt is working consciously on being smarter with the football, but he’ll still take his shots. Such was the case late in the practice when the defense jumped offside and Arndt threw a 40-yard bomb to junior Preston Willis.
    • Redshirt freshman quarterback Jordan Moore got bit by the turnover bug again. Junior cornerback Craig Mager cut in front of an out and picked it off cleanly. Moore chased down Mager and tackled him.
    • With Justin Booth moving from defensive end to defensive tackle, it opens up the possibility of Texas State running a 3-3-5 formation. Booth is basically a hybrid lineman and the Bobcats want to find any way they can to get as many of their linebackers on the field at once.
    • At the end of practice, Texas State went through end-of-game kicking drills. Jason Dann and Will Johnson combined to go 1 for 4, but winds swirled and they kicked from distance. Dann missed wide right from 51 yards and split the uprights with a 49-yard attempt. Johnson missed wide left twice (46 yards and 54 yards).


Texas State head coach Dennis Franchione on ‘Hell Week’ thus far: “As a coach, you know it’s going to be a challenging week, so you watch and see who can show some mental toughness and push through it. There is a difference between activity and accomplishment. You can do the activity; but are you getting much done? It’s interesting to watch and see, ‘OK. These guys are doing that. These guys aren’t there yet.’ You’d like to have 105 mentally tough guys, but you’re probably not going to have that many, to be honest. You have to develop it and sometimes it takes time to do that.”

Junior tight end David Lewis on what it will take to earn playing time at a loaded position: “You got to work. You have to execute everything they teach us, otherwise you won’t get playing time. If you can’t remember what you do and can’t see it, you don’t play. I’ve experienced it first-hand. It’s all part of being reliable.”


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